Physalis. Homeopathy

(Solanum vesicarium. Alkekengi. Winter Cherry)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Physalis
1 Memory low. Great loquacity.
General symptoms of Physalis
2 Worse from cold damp; by getting hot in the evening.
3 languor and weakness.
SPECIAL Physalis
10 fluent coryza, with sneezing, burning, itching and tingling in 1arinas; nose stuffed and hot. Shocks in the nose, nostrils opened unintentionally. Epistaxis. Herpes.
11 pale face, with bursts of heat. Right facial neuralgia. Muscle cramps or spasms in the face neck outstretched, with numbness of the left hand. Contracture of the left side of the face. Lips asleep.
12 Dentition in children with nervous flickering eyes, with stomach upsets or stomach to start eating, and disappear if you continue eating.
13 Languages sore, feels like burning at the tip or the left side. Tongue and lips with numbness and tingling, and constant desire to moisten. Bad taste. Sialorrhea thick. He speaks with difficulty.
Sore throat 14, as raw, worse when swallowing and pain extending to left ear. Dark red tonsils, hypertrophied. Uvula swollen and elongated. Sensation of a fishbone stuck.
Constriction in the throat, with dysphagia. Sensation of a ball that rises to the throat.
15 are hungry, but nothing satisfies. Tasteless belching or hot with burning in the stomach. Violent hiccough. Nausea and vomiting. Immediately gastralgias food, epigastric pressure sensitive. Heaviness, weakness and gastric empty.
16 Pain in hypochondria, in the spleen, worse on movement, on the navel, in the transverse and descending color and in English. Stitches in the left flank. Colicky sensation of diarrhea. Rumbling and distention in the abdomen, with discharge of much flatus.
17 diarrhea with tenesmus and burning copious stools, watery, yellow or bilious, or dark and fetid, or partially black as tar.
Constipation from atony. Anal sphincter swollen and stiff, painful evacuation, rectal prolapse. Hemorrhoids in the puerperium.
18 Aching in the kidney area. Feel the bladder. Frequent urination, often ineffective. Polyuria. Yellow urine, strong smelling, or copious and clear.
Frequent erections with 19 little desire. Strong-smelling sweats genitals. Foreskin swollen and tender. Vesicles on the glans, with itching and burning.
20 Flow worse strain and at 16 hours, with sighs (plus the more flow). Pain as if the menses come. Irregular menses, with throbbing, congested eyes with stiffness and spasms.
21 Cough from tickling in the throat. Labored breathing, sighing.
Stitches in the chest, in the lower corners of the blades as you breathe.
Heaviness in the chest. Shocks in the pectoral muscles. Stitches in the left breast, with inability to breathe deeply.
22 Dull pain and chest discomfort. Violent palpitations, pulsating throughout the body. Noisy, irregular heart action, worse lying on left side, better from behind. Pulse: fast, slow; antermitente.
23 Pain in the neck, as if cut and separate the head from the body. Stiff neck, on one side or another, turning the head twitching.
Stitches as cramping up and down the column. Chills going up the back, at 19 hours. Back very weak, unable to stand erect. Back pain and restlessness at night with no improvement in any position. Pain under right shoulder blade. Low back pain; left sacrum,
as forced by lifting weights, worse when moving.
24 - () Numbness in various parts of the limbs, and in areas paralyzed. Joint pain or stiffness. A staggering gait. Cold extremities.
Weak wrists. Pain in the left shoulder. Paroxysms of burning in the palms, itching on the left. Pain in right deltoid, better by violent movements. Pain in the left upper limb, then the right. Instability in the legs when walking, closing his eyes worse.
Cramp-like pain in the popliteal, worse on the right, like a tightrope that keeps you from walking. Legs fall asleep, the left foot.
25 Irresistible desire to sleep. Restless sleep.
26 Chills with yawning, worse slightest movement or airflow. Heat in the face and down his back, with chills in the legs. Clammy skin. Suda very easily. Copious sweating throughout the body, cold sweat dripping widespread.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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