Physostigma. Homeopathy

(Ph. venenosum Calabar bean)
1 - () mental activity unusual, extraordinary or can not concentrate his attention on anything, can not stop thinking, or stop or control their thoughts. Difficulty thinking. Nothing is good, too many things in the room, and counting.
2 Irritable. Nervous, could not bear the pain. Aversion to work. Exhausted, he remembers nothing. Glad morning, sad at noon.
3 - () The muscle tissue is particularly affected. There is a great muscular prostration that accompanies all disorders. Muscle weakness with motor incoordination and impaired locomotion; to lift the foot when walking, seems to float upward, and again touching the ground, there trembling all over. Constants fibrillary contractions in the muscles. Violent tremors in young people with physical or mental disorders. Great feeling of fatigue. Hyporeflexia.
Seizures. Paralysis, sensation of paralysis on the left side of the body. Tetanus with crises caused or aggravated by the slightest movement of the surrounding air and even the breathing of someone close. Korea.
Poliomyelitis. Lack of sensitivity to pain. Sore and stiff all over.
4 - () Horror to cold water, can not endure cold baths, hates bathing.
5 - () Worse from cold water, and at night, by pressure, walking, from falls or blows, by motion; descending stairs, lying on the left side at 16 hours, on awakening, for weather changes; in church.
Better: lying on the right side, closed my eyes, lying on his back, the cool open air, by heat in the feet.
Desire and aversion of PHYSOSTIGMA
6 - () Aversion to cold drinks, coffee, snuff.
7 Vertigo: to move, in the evening, reading, walking or down stairs.
Constriction in the head like a bandage or tight helmet. Frontal or supraorbital headache, more to the right, extended to the root of the nose, worse on movement and the morning upon waking. Hemicrania, afraid to open your eyes because it aggravates the pain. Throbbing in temporal arteries and carotid throbbing head feel when lying. Painful pressure on vertex
and temples. Cerebrospinal meningitis.
8 The eye is the site of maximal action of the drug.
Inflammation of the eyes, first right, then left, with sore eyes and eyelids. Pain in eyes when I would use the two to read, you must close one, or pain when moving from one place to another. Stitches in the right eye, the better moving outdoors. Pain in the back of the eye spread to the brain, worse in reading, with nausea. Eyelids heavy lifting the unbearable. Twitching in the eyelids, worse on the upper left. Spasms in the muscles of the eyelids and eyes, with difficulty in opening and tearing when opened, but has trouble keeping them open. Eyelid motionless. Miosis, photophobia, tomorrow,
mydriasis sometimes followed by fatigue of the muscles of the iris. It contracts and dilates the pupil in turn. Floaters, or go as long worms or snakes. Vision trembling. Dark yellow spots covering one or two letters to read. Go light flashes. Blurred vision, objects are mixed. Nystagmus. Partial blindness, or the evening. Glaucoma, especially of traumatic origin. Myopia growing, evolving. Post diphtheritic paralysis of eye muscles and accommodation. Diplopia. Dislocated lens in a coup. Hyperopia.
9 earache; in right ear when he writes. Feel like a wind in the ear. Pressing pain in the eardrums. He sticks his finger in the ear. Sharp pain in the eustachian tube to burp. Sensation of plugged ear. Hearing loss.
Sensitive to any sound. Buzzing, ringtones, songs or jets of steam, after going to bed at night.
4 - () severe inspiratory dyspnea, with agitation and anxiety, feelings of * onstriccion the larynx, throat or chest, crackles and cough, with great weakness after the crisis. Laryngitis stridulus. Asthma.
5 - () Urticaria and large confluent plaques high, with burning pain, itching and red and indurated edema.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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