Phytolacca. Homeopathy

(Ph. decandra. Ombu)
1 - () complete indifference to everything around him and life is sure going to die. It can not be persuaded to eat. Fear of dying, fear or emotions are felt in the breast. Melanie. Aversion to mental work, and their occupations to wake in the morning.
2 have no shame, lack of modesty, and exposes her body with absolute indifference.
3 Irritable. Hypersensitive, especially to pain. Irresistible desire to clench my teeth.
4 - () Great exhaustion and prostration. General laxity with muscle weakness and desire to lie down. All muscles are sore from head to toe. Rigidity in all limbs. Tremors by the slightest movement.
5 - () neuralgic pains, rheumatic and bone, which appear and disappear suddenly, like an electric shock, radiating throughout the body and abruptly changing place, worse in damp weather, motion and night. Living periosteal pain, burning, worse at night and wet weather, forcing the patient to move, without relief. Dolores osteocopos. Pain in the insertion of the tendons. Rheumatism and periosteal fibrous tissue.
Rheumatic gout, with bone pain worse at night, warmth of bed and moving.
6 Worst: for cold weather and humidity, atmospheric changes, and when it rains, by touch and pressure, and at night, by warmth of bed, for down stairs, swallowing; during menstruation; lying side; it stationary motion; walk, raising his arms, the morning (at 3, 4 or 5 hours) and waking, for washing, for hot drinks, for the outdoors. Better: by dry weather, from heat; lying left side or on the stomach; at rest. Right side. Great desire to bathe in cold water.
7 - () Induration of glands (salivary, mammary, etc.); nodules. Malignancy scirrhus. Slimming, weight loss (especially with the tincture of the berries of Phytolacca). Syphilis.
8 - () Vertigo with blurred vision and unsteady gait, with tendency to fall and you feel faint when getting up from bed. Front pressing headache with nausea, eating better, worse in damp weather and walking, on the right side, extending backwards. Headache in the crown going down stairs. Occipital pain. Head tilted back. Pain in the scalp when it rains. Syphilitic nodes in the skull. Tina. Crusta lactea moist, with intense itching.
9 eyes fixed, sunken, with dark circles. Dark yellow conjunctivae. Pain in the eyeballs when reading or writing, worse on movement, light or ocular efforts. Feel great legs. Orbital cellulitis. Eyelids feel like they're burned, hot or raw, or like sand, tearing, better outdoors. Glued and swollen eyelids, red blue, but the left worse tomorrow, can not close my eyes without pain, as if fire. Lupus or epithelioma of the eyelids.
Photophobia. Lacrimal Fistula. Mydriasis or miosis. One eye moves independently of the other. Diplopia, or sees things quintupled.
Myopia. Styes. Hypopyon.
10 otalgia, worse on the right and swallowing. Obstruction of the Eustachian tube left with deafness and children with hypersensitivity to sounds. Hyperacusis, more to the right, during the frontal pain.
11 Secretion of an excoriating nasal side, the other covered, total obstruction not relieved by blowing; wakes at 3 am. Drawing on the root of the nose. Ozena with bloody foul-smelling discharge and nasal bones involved (bony cavities).
12 Tensie and pressure in the parotid. Pale face, alternating with very red or purple, cyanotic, sunken, suffering. Frontal cold sweat. Heat in the face with redness and cold feet. Pains in the bones of the face and head at night. Pain in the jaws. Stains on the face, worse from washing and eating after noon. Erysipelas. Cancerous ulcers on the lips. Eruption on the upper lip. Menton convulsively pulled toward the sternum.
13 - () Toothache with sensation of elongated teeth. Irresistible tendency to clench my teeth against each other, particularly in the dentition.
Difficult dentition, with moaning, crying, night restlessness and diarrhea; best Dorde something hard.
14 - () Sialorrhea, or dry mouth. Saliva yellowish, sticky, metallic taste, or stringy, sticky and cold. Taste: metallic, burnt, bitter.
Hot on the tip of the tongue. Tongue white, withered with burning sensation (more on the root); outgoing; aspera, with vesicles on both sides and very red tip. Great pain in root of tongue when swallowing or draw. Submaxillary glands swollen. Foul breath or putrid.
15 - () Pharynx dry and painful, with the pillars congested and red shade, swollen tonsils and uvula swollen almost transparent. The best remedy for angina pultacea, with dark red throat with tonsils or purple red, swollen, with white spots sometimes join to form plaques, predominantly affecting the right side with pain worse flex the head, but mainly by swallowing and warm drinks, which practically can not swallow, and any attempt to do so causes intense pain in the ears. Feel like a hot iron ball in the throat. Cervical lymph adenopathy sore and stiff neck. Diphtheria with the above symptoms, with intense burning as a coal burning, with gray or white pseudomembrane covering the tonsils, uvula, upper throat. Foreign body sensation in the throat, with constant desire to swallow. Nasal discharge by the throat.
Intense thirst 16. Ravenous hunger after a while eating. Anorexia. Belching of air, acids and foodstuffs. Hiccups with tendency to vomit. Nausea who wake up at night. Violent vomiting of mucus, bile, undigested food or worms; of clotted blood, retching, severe pain and wanted to die for relief. Epigastric pain worse on touch. Heat in the stomach. Pains in the cardia, worse on deep breathing or walking. PYLORIC pain.
17 right upper quadrant pain, worse lying on the right, only better upside down. Violent pain in hypochondrium, worse sitting, better lying on left side. Chronic hepatitis, with hypertrophy and induration. Umbilical colic. Rumbling. Violent internal pains, bearing down during menstruation.
18 habitual constipation with hard stool and rectal inactivity, with fullness in the stomach before and after stool; in elderly people with weak hearts. Diarrhea with tenesmus, mucus or blood comes out only, or grated intestinal mucosa. Desire to defecate, but only leave fetid flatus. Diarrhea in summer, or lemonade. Stools: watery and dark brown, bilious, yellow, green or bloody. Chronic hemorrhoids and bleeding, with heat in the rectum. Neuralgic pain in the anus and lower rectum, in the middle of the night, radiating from the perineum to the penis. Anal fissure.
19 kidney pain, worse on the right, with heat, discomfort down the ureters and chalky sediment in the urine. Albuminuria after a scarlet fever or diphtheria. Bladder pain before and during urination.
Painful urging to urinate. Nocturnal polyuria. Urine stains linen yellow.
Sharp pains that go up 20 by the spermatic cords, followed by tenderness. Gurgling sensation in the prostate. Total absence of desire and erections, with genitals relaxed; impotence. Gonorrhea. orchitis; fistulous ulcer. Syphilis, chancroid, sore throat and genitals; buboes.
21 - () Menstruacioncs frequent and heavy with serious, painful and intense lacrimation, dysmenorrhea membranous, with erosion or ulceration of the neck. Thick and irritating. Imminent abortion. Constant feeling as if the menses come. Metrorrhagia. Lumpy breasts hard and painful. Breast tumors livid or purple coloration and very clear (but right). Breast hard as rocks, logs, painful and swollen and very sensitive, with suppuration imminent when the baby mama, there is intense pain radiating from the nipple to the body. Breast abscess is fistuliza, leaving sanious fetid pus, fistula that does not close. Abscess in old scars of the breast. Acute mastitis. Nipples sensitive, excoriated or shaved, with the characteristic radiation of pain. Breast Cancer.
Agalactia, or milk becomes stringy and tasteless. Ulcers in the breasts.
Hoarseness 22. Laryngismus. Dyspnea with noisy tions. Respiacion sighing, slow, panting. Dry cough from tickling laryngeal, worse at night in bed, outdoors, in wet weather and cold, with burning pains in the larynx and trachea and sensation of contraction of the glottis. Expectoration thick as starch, profuse and exhausting. Sharp pains or stitches in the chest. Rheumatic pains in the lower intercostal muscles by exposure to cold damp sensation beaten. Sensation of emptiness in the chest. Sternal pain when coughing.
23 chest pain with anxiety, extended the right upper limb, worse walking, movement and exhale. Sensation of chest constriction. Fatty degeneration of the heart. Irregular pulse; intemitente; weak.
24 - () induration of the glands on the right side of the neck. Right neck stiffness worse at night or morning in bed upon waking. Back very stiff every morning. Sensation of a cold iron pressed on the sore shoulder blade. Continuous pain in the shoulder blades, worse walking. Pain in the spine from the neck down. Lumbar and sacral pain spread to her hips to the feet, with constant desire to move, but the motion aggravates the pain.
25 - () Intense cramps in the muscles of the limbs, which appear and disappear abruptly. The pains in the limbs occur especially on the outside. Sharp pains transfer internal organs to the extremities. Rheumatic joint or muscle pains erratic, worse at 15 hours, at night, by motion, for the outdoors; blennorrhagics; syphilitic and weather changes, especially in hips, thighs, arms and hands. "Phytolacca occupies an intermediate position between Bryonia and Rhus Tox; cure when they fail, even if they apparently have indicated" (Allen). Cold hands and feet. Axillary adenopathy. Rheumatic pains in the shoulders, but the law as electric shocks, worse at night and wet weather in the insertion of the deltoid. Tremor. The finger joints are swollen, hard, shiny and painful, as if pricked with needles. Felon. Hard lump on the palm side of a finger. Throbbing and pain in the fingertips, as if to fester. Right sciatic pain in outer thigh, worse at night and after sleeping. Sense of shortening of the tendons in the popliteal walking. Tremor in the legs. Stitches from the inside out.
Swollen ankles. Burning soles. Inveterate pains in the heels, only relieved by lying down with his feet higher than the body.
Pain in big toe awakens at night. Painful corns. The pains him out of bed at night.
26 Yawning, drowsiness.
Chills 27 inmates during the pains. Sudden chills every morning, followed by fever. High fever with red face. Cold sweat on the forehead below the toes, night sweats acres.
28 - () Skin cold, wrinkled, dry, gray color. Syphilitic rashes and sores, secondary and tertiary punched-out ulcers, lardaceous base, watery, fetid pus, and painful. Cancerous ulcers. Warts.
Corns. Lupus. Urticaria, Scabies. Pityriasis. Psoriasis. Lipomas. Indolent tumors ooze. Pain and induration in old scars. Itching hands and feet begins and extends to the whole body, worse from warmth of bed and scratching.
Silica. Syphilinum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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