Phytolacca. Podophyllum. Psorinum. Homeopathy

Phytolacca (Family of fitolacaceas)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Phytolacca
1 .- Pharyngeal Infections.

2 .- Mammary: mastosis, mastitis, premenstrual syndrome.

3 .- rheumatic pains neurological or myalgic

Podophyllum (Berberidaceae Famila of)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Podophyllum
1 .- diarrhea, migraines, hemorrhoids.

2 .- Pain right ovary.

PSORINUM (Biotherapics scabies vesicle of untreated).
Is the nosode psoric reactive mode, more particularly described in depressed individuals, extremely reactive shivering with reduced capacity and tendency to periodic catarrhal irritation of upper respiratory tract and various skin rashes with increased sebum production.

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Psorinum
1 .- Great weakness and prostration, resulting from the loss of body fluids or a serious enferemedad, which has for too long.

2 .- periodic morbid manifestations: headache, allergic oculorinitis, disorders of the upper airways, ear infections, hives, asthma, ringworm.

3 .- rashes of various kinds, dry or wet, the reappearance of winter. Intolerable itching aggravated by warmth of bed.

Psorinum: It is worse with the cold and winter.

Psorinum: Amelioration with heat and eat.

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