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Picric acid
(Picric acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Picric acid

1 - () There is a real mental prostration, the formerly called neurasthenia or nervous exhaustion or brain, especially due to mental overwork, long-term studies, literary works, occupations, trades, etc., and even for emotional losses. The patient feels exhausted, can not think or study, feels compelled to lie down, not to speak or move. Complete prostration with loss of will and absolute inability to work, lost all initiative and falls into indifference. Was prostrated by read or write even a little, and lower mental effort causes him headaches and a burning pain along the spine.

2 Irritable, wants to be alone. The idea of marriage is unbearable.

3 In the bed feels like to be crushed under the covers and sleep, feeling as if they raise their arms, face, tongue and lower brain.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Picric acid
4 - () progressive fatigue ranges from a mild sensation of fatigue as it moves to complete paralysis, accompanying mental prostration.
Effects of physical effort. Feeling of heaviness and exhaustion in the whole body, especially in the limbs, which is aggravated by exertion. Often it is a restorer of worn bodies. Weakness worse in the morning, on waking from diarrhea, for pollutions, for the least effort, on rising, after stool and walking. Muscle weakness. Earthquakes.
Hipotensidn pressure.

5 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms) or heat in summer and in enclosed places, for the least mental effort, by the humid weather, after sleeping, walking, rising from a chair, bending or climbing stairs (all that mean physically). Better: cold air and cold water, a strong pressure, at rest. Most affected is the upper right of the body than the left.

6 - () and progressive pernicious anemia. Uremia with complete anuria. Diabetes.
Cancer cachexia.

7 Pain in the left side of the body to get up in the morning, with throbbing pain and dilated pupils, all the pain lasts just 20 hours, with numbness in painful areas.

Desire and aversion of Picric acid
8 Aversion to all food, worse at noon.

SPECIFIC Picric acid
9 - () Vertigo: a noon or evening, worse when rising from a chair or bed, stooping or lying down, with nausea. Headache of students, teachers and business men exhausted, worse or caused by the slightest movement or mental effort or emotions that depress or penalties. The headaches are worse and are worse on rising in the afternoon and evening, or stooping; best outdoors and by pressure or a tight bandage. Congestion and heat headache with epistaxis. Sensation of pressure in the head outward, as if about to burst, worse in forehead and supraorbital region right (with throbbing pain), worse at 20 hours for studying, by the slightest movement, rotating or moving the eyes. Heaviness cephalic with the feeling that the head falls forward. Occipital and cervical pain, which runs up the spine and lower limbs, with throbbing, worse from 18 to 19 hours and walking, better head pressing strongly with a band or bandage, and rested.

Yellow sclera 10. Pain in the center of the eye that is on the optic nerve to the occiput, eyes sore to the touch, by a strong light or moving, with photophobia, better to close them at rest and by pressure.
Sensation of sand in the eyes with acrid tears. Styes. Mydriasis.
Conjunctivitis with yellowish discharge, but in the right eye, worse in a warm room, better to cold air or by washing eyes with cold water, with difficulty in opening the eyes, especially when studying and puncture the deer. Vision cloudy. See sparks.

11 right retroauricular pain. Painful abscesses in the auditory meatus.
Buzzing and ringing in the ears, with vertigo. Chronic Deafness.

12 Abscess in the left nostril. Acne on the sides of the nose. Weight or pressure on the bridge of the nose. Nose full of mucus, can only breathe through the mouth; better outdoors. Epistaxis the right side.

Face sallow 13. Pustular facial acne, burns and click on touch. Pain in the jaw, with throbbing in the molars. Tingling in the lips.

14 white, foamy saliva that hangs from the mouth into filaments. Like ugly acid or bitter.

15 Throat red, hot, and burned him worse scrapes on the left, with white mucus in the tonsils, dysphagia, and pop sensation in the throat better wake up. Feeling of lump on swallowing saliva and after.
Sensation of something in the bottom of the esophagus.

16 No appetite for breakfast; much appetite in the evening. Insatiable thirst for cold or warm water. Belching of air or sour or bitter (after breakfast).
Regurgitation of food. Nausea "mortal", on waking, worse if you get up and walk. Vomiting. Gastralgias for breakfast. Heaviness in the epigastrium and can not burp. Almost constant feeling of faintness or fainting in the epigastrium.

17 - () Flatulence after stool. Rumbling with cramping. Fullness in the stomach. Liver pain. Pain in the stomach on waking. Wandering pains in the stomach by gas, on the left side of the navel, in the right iliac fossa, in the left groin while walking or climbing stairs.
Sensation of emptiness in the hypogastric, or after a bowel movement in the belly.

18 - () stitches in anus during bowel movements and then, with prutito.
Frequent diarrhea, tenesmus and anal burning or cutting pain, with yellow or yellow-colored stools gray, heavy, oily or fatty, sweetish odor, followed by prostration. Flatus.

19 Sharp pains in the bladder, but at dusk and turn right. Polyuria tomorrow. Urination drops. Burning in urethra when urinating and pain afterwards.
Urine yellow, dark yellow or milky, strong-smelling, red, heavy and pale, warm to happen. Abundant urates; indicate, albuminuria, granular cylinders.

20 - () One of the most important sites of action of Picric acid is the male genitalia. Violent erections, intense, excessive and prolonged, with erotic thoughts, very easy, there is a real priapism, especially at night, with copious ejaculations, often without sexual desires, or with increased or violent desires. Pollutions without dreams. Satyriasis. Exhaustion after shocks of semen. Impotence.
With erections, that may be present day and night, there are pains in the testicles (going up) and on the penis, it seems that it would burst. Erotic thoughts, seeing any woman. Priapism in spinal disorders. Enlarged prostate in recent cases.

21 Pain in left ovary. Menstruation delayed. Premenstrual 2marillomarron flow. Excessive vulvar itching, voluptuous night before menstruation, the exasperated.

22 Dry cough as if he had dust in his throat, followed by nausea. Pain in right chest, spread to the left, pain in the left lung in the evening, and beneath the right clavicle. Sensation as if thorax were constricted by a band. Lower sternum asleep.

23 - () Intense neck pain. Feeling of being dislocated neck, when lying on the right side. Tiredness, heaviness and weakness in the spine, particularly lumbar and sacrum, worse at midnight, waking and moving about.
Burning pain and great weakness, worse in school. Stitches under his right shoulder blade and right back, worse from motion and bending forward. Low back pain spread to his legs, worse on motion.
Sharp pain in the coccyx. Myelitis with Tonic and clonic spasms, with his legs wide apart when standing and staring. Tabes. Heat dorsal, or between the shoulder blades, back, mental strain, lumbar.

24 - () rheumatic joint pains in the limbs. Excessive weakness and heaviness in the legs, especially the left one strain or a short walk or climbing stairs. Numbness in his left hand in the legs, tingling, tremors, and punctures; in feet and plants left foot. Pain in the anterior left thigh in the front, of the legs in the calves all night. Feel like frozen feet. Pain in ball of left big toe, better by walking. Acute paralysis ascending paralysis of lower limbs.

25 - () Sleepiness after noon. Sleep well, but it rests.
Sleepless all night, before midnight, sometimes by flow of ideas. He wakes up early, or at 3, and can not go to sleep. Sounds that are pregnant.

26 Chills predominant, with fever and cold sweats, viscous
especially the feet and hands.
Jaundice 27. Foruculitos pain throughout the body. Acne. Itching at night. Erythema on abdomen and feet.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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