Picric Ferrum (iron picrate). Homeopathy

FERRUM Picricum
(Picrate of Iron)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Picricum FERRUM
1 - () overwhelming effects of fatigue, with a malfunction of an organ abused. Bleeding disorders, malaria and excesses
2 This especially useful in people with dark eyes and hair and bilious-looking or plethora.
3 Aspecto dirty skin in the joints are as taken.
4 - () Dizziness with impaired cerebral circulation, occipital pain, can not walk. Headache on vertex by mental efforts.
5 - () deafness or hearing loss: in young people by cutting wisdom teeth; * Rnic with noise, for gout, accompany warts, vascular or circulatory disorders in the inner ear; premenstrual. Cracking and ringing in the ears. Auditory meatus dry.
6 - () is almost specific in epistaxis.
Lupus 7 warts on the face. Dental neuralgia irradiation in the eyes and ears.
8 Indigestion with coated tongue and headache after meals in people brunette. Liver sensitive, mild jaundice. Constipation.
9 - () Pain in the urethra. Frequent urination at night, with fullness and pressure in the rectum. Burning in the neck of the bladder and penis. Retention of urine. Albuminuria. Enlarged prostate senile: one of the most important medicines, even if there is cancer; give 3 C.; often controls its growth, as it has a specific action on the gland.
10 - () Afonia in people who abuse the voice.
11 - () Pain in side of neck and right arm. Ataxia. Hands covered with warts. Sensation as if he grew a wart on his thumb.
12 Sleep restless with erotic dreams.
13 - () multiple warts, stalked; epithelial growths. Yellowish calluses. Jaundice.