Pilocarpinum. Homeopathy

(Pilocarpine [alkaloid Jaborandi] including Pilocarpinum Muriaticum [Pilocarpine chloride] and Nitric Pilocarpinum [Pilocarpine nitrate])
1 Exhaustion after sweating; falls asleep. Fainting.
2 dilatation of blood vessels, the temporal artery is a thick rope and throbbing forehead veins are prominent and blue.
3 - () Throbbing in the temples with tachycardia. White hair becomes black.
4 - () Lagrinwo profuse. Miosis intense.
5 Deafness labyrinth in syphilitic. Hearing loss worse for being tired.
Deafness with ringing in the ears, but on the left. Increased cerumen.
Meniere's Syndrome (P. Muriaticum).
6 nasal hypersecretion.
7 - () red face and forehead. Sweating begins on the face. Mumps: for Burnett, Pilocarpinum Muriaticum 3AX was the primary remedy.
8 - () sudden and intense salivation, liquid, or saliva thick, stringy and very sticky.
9 - () Intense thirst following the sweats. Nausea with salivation. Nausea and retching.
10 Urgency of bowel movements.
Menstruation 11 advanced.
12 - () Great increase in bronchial mucus, with much cough and expectoration. Bronchitis by taking cold easily. Tuberculosis of rapid change, with copious and debilitating sweats, and hemoptysis (2ax, shredding [Boericke]).
13 Weak heart. Tachycardia with hypotension.
14 It is sleeping.
15 - () feeling cold and chills that shake with fever, hot and red face. Starting copious sweat on his face and forehead, on the edge of the scalp invading then, successively, neck, trunk, upper limbs and, finally, inferior, with sensation of intense cold, chattering teeth and a desire to keep warm; Sweating is intense and debilitating, and can reach down into each episode one or two kilos.
After the sweating is thirst, feeling of relief and increased force.
16 The skin is easily irritated.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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