Pinus sylvestris. Homeopathy

PINUS sylvestris
(European pine)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Pinus sylvestris
1 You want to do several things, takes them all, but does not stop any.
Stunned, can not think, worse efforts. Anxious, depressed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Pinus sylvestris
2 Worse strain, walking, by touch or pressure; of morning and evening.
SPECIAL Pinus sylvestris
3 Vertigo, sometimes fall. Head heavy, full, dazed. Pressing headache worse on eye movement. Tearing in the temples. Scalp sensitive.
4 Eyes swollen. Edges of lids red. Vision cloudy evening.
5 points on the ears. Hey roars.
6 Epistaxis copious. Coryza with mucous secretion. Nasal itching.
7 Cara pale and red alternately. Tearing pains in the face.
8 Toothache, with heat in the face and headache. Dry mouth with thirst.
9 Malaise, as if something in my throat. Submaxillary adenopatia painful.
Appetite 10 variable. Pressure in pit of stomach after eating, with great distension in 11 Distension hipondrios with burning pain and pressing.
Liver hypertrophy. Pressure and fullness in liver and spleen. Colic with incarcerated flatus. Pain and swelling in the inguinal nodes.
12 Intense pruritus ani. Loose stools, bilious colic and with great excitement. Eliminates roundworms, burning and pruritus ani. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Constipation.
13 - () terebrantes Violent burning pains in the kidneys, extended along the ureters. Bladder spasms. Burning pain when urinating.
Dysuria. Marked polyuria, strong-smelling urine.
14 menses early; delayed; scarce.
Hoarseness 15. Increased bronchial mucus. Short hacking cough, or expectoration. Dyspnea worse when walking. Oppression. Tenderness in the front of the chest, feeling it was very thin and that is going to fall by the lower pressure. Burning in the sides of the thorax. Palpitations.
16 Drawing and neck stiffness. Pressing pains and drawing between the shoulder blades and sacrum, with difficulty in movement.
17 - () Reamatismo gout in the joints of hands and feet, especially the fingers, stiffness and cramps. Weakness in legs and ankles, especially in children with lower limb slender ankles that twist easily. Knees stiff and painful. Pain in the shins. Cramps in the calves when stretched at night in bed. Pain at night between the 1st and 2nd phalanx of right big toe, applying best hand.
18 Gran drowsiness before noon, with restless sleep at night. Dreams that seem real to remember.
19 Chills, but in the evening, alternating with flushes.
1udoracion easy and widespread.
20 Urticaria. Itching all over, worse around articuliciones and stomach.
PINUS sylvestris
(Scotch pine. "Pine" by Bach)
It is the remedy for people suffering from self-condemnation, it never really satisfied with their accomplishments or achievements, and is ashamed, not only do things better, but also for the mistakes of others, because he feels at some sense responsible for them. They blame if something goes wrong in the house or anything, they have a heightened sense of guilt.
They are very thorough, and overly difficult goals that are proposed do fall into overwork. All that attitude takes joy in their lives.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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