Piper methysticum. Homeopathy

Piper methysticum
(Kawa Kawa)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Piper methysticum
1 - () There are two facets opposite in their behavior. Or is this happy, happy (more after an ejaculation), smiling, pleasantly excited, with their heightened powers and greater capacity for work, or, conversely, often below, this sad, quiet, sleepy, lazy, lacking of force, shy, apprehensive. Irritated by the slightest noise. All the better for fun picture of the mind or think about something else, or by occupation.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Piper methysticum
2 - () Worse: for reading, for thinking, for walking. Better: by movement or changes of position (which is driven irresistibly, but the best bit), when your thoughts change to another subject or object; outdoors.
3 - () Dolores terrible with alarm, movements from one place to another and contortions; temporary relief from the changes of position which can not oppose or thinking about something else.
4 Thinning and decrepitude. Earthquakes. Weakness of tomorrow, better move and get up.
SPECIFIC Piper methysticum
5 Vertigo on moving the head from side to side or lift, or the morning in bed with pressure front. Sense of brain tired in the morning or night waking, better when standing. Headaches with pain at the exit of the supraorbital nerve, or front, worse on eye movement, thinking and reading, best outdoor and motion. Stunning front, or worse still lying in one position, moving better.
6 sets red. Pain along right optic nerve. Deep pain in his eyes as if to bulge.
7 Press the left ear lobe.
8 Press the inside out in the face.
9 teeth were very yellow, sensitive to cold water, the cold air brushing.
10 feel the language as if covered with velvet or leather. Burning in the tongue throughout the mouth, followed by numbness. Dry mouth on waking.
Salivation. Taste: gag, sweet, spicy paste, or do not like food.
Appetite increased to 11 noon, but can not eat much. Belching acid before eating or at night. Epigastrium swollen to 11 hours. Gastric Cramp better pressing against the edge of the table. Heat in the stomach.
12 bellyache, with better full motion; on the navel, in the right groin while walking.
13 Diarrhea and loose stools difficult to expel. Constipation with hard stool, big and clear. Continued desire to move your bowels. Rectal prolapse. Rectal burning.
14 - () Acute or subacute urethritis, blennorrhagic or not, with little or no secretion, painful erections and urethral burning during urination. Cystitis.
15 Penis pain. Erections even after ejaculation. Pain in right testicle. Pollutions without dreams.
16 Heaviness behind upper sternum. Constriction in the chest.
Backache 17 by pressure alone. Pain in the 2nd dorsal vertebra.
18 - () Pain in the right arm, running in all directions, with heaviness and weariness. Sense of paralysis in his hands. Crawling like an electric current in the left forearm. Asleep right elbow. Pain in right wrist when writing. Deforming arthritis of the hands and wrists, and over all the rights, with paretic weakness and pain that improves with distraction. Pain in left thumb, worse pressure. Unsteady gait, has no control over the movement of their legs. Numbness of lower limbs. Weakness in the thighs, can barely stand. Punctures in the big toe to move or walk. Pains in feet.
Pain in the thumb, first right, then left.
19 Sueno Soporous, heavy, can not remember dreams. Insomnia from 0 to 2.30 hours, or at 4. Soon asleep. Restless sleep or interrupted the second half of the night. Wild erotic dreams, which travels by train, with men who fight, with fire.
Chills 20. Fever, with heat in face and hands, in the upper body. Heavy sweating.
21 flakes falling, leaving white spots. Dry skin, where it is thicker (hands and feet), with scales, fissures and ulcers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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