Piper nigrum (black pepper). Homeopathy.

(Black Pepper)
1 Fear of being poisoned. Irascible. Amoroso. Sad. Can not concentrate. Startled by noises.
2 - () inflammatory mucosal irritation with burning sensation, but without further secretion.
3 Down: by temperature changes, in wet weather, at dusk, for the 3ovimiento.
4 - () Burning sensations. Feeling of pressure.
5 Spasms with tetanic rigidity of nuembros.
6 brittleness of the bones.
7 Waves of blood and congestion of the head with pulsation. Sensation of emptiness in the brain. Pressure in the head, as if the bones of the skull and face rest on the jaw. Headache by temperature changes, violently, as if to blow up the vertex. Pressing pain in temples as if they were to break.
8 Eyes inflamed and burning, sensation of cold in the eyelids.
Tearing and photophobia. Eyelid ulcerated. Vision cloudy, with vertigo, headache, nausea and vomiting.
9 crusted ulcers on the ears.
10 or fluyentr dry coryza, with violent sneezing. Nasal obstruction.
Epistaxis. Burning in the nostrils. Pressure on the nasal bones, as if they are crushed.
11 sensation of pressure in the malar, worse on the left. Twitching facial pain. Face red, burning. Close seizure of mnadibulas. Eczema on the lips.
Dental Caries 12. Violent toothache, worse from heat and dusk. Vesiculitas on the edge of the tongue. Tongue heavy and painful, with slurred speech. Tongue white in the middle. Mouth, tongue and palate, dry and burning, and burned.
13 The accumulation of mucus in the throat. Burning in the throat, with stiffness. Burning pain in the tonsils, as if they were punched. Paralysis of the muscles of the throat can shout, but does not articulate intelligibly.
14 - () Constant thirst, insatiable. Vomiting with great effort, as if to vomit his own stomach. Sensation of heat and dryness in the stomach.
Cramps and twitching in the stomach, with strange food desires.
15 - () burning and lancinating pains in the liver. Obesity trends in the womb. Belly swollen, hard, hot. Tympany with rumbling, with feeling of having everything in boiling in the belly. Heaviness, flatulence, colic and cramps, as if the intestines were packed. Sensation of a foreign body that goes round the stomach. Feel like electrical shocks in the intestines to move.
16 Straight anus swollen and inflamed with ardent fears during bowel movements because of the difficulty and pain. Anal fissure. Hemorrhoids large. Constipation old, followed by liquid stools and involuntary.
17 - () Bladder filled with frequent urination, without success. Burning pains in the bladder, for coals. Burning in glans and urethra. Urethritis with priapimo and even outside the burning urination. Gonorrhea with greenish secretion fetida. Dysuria. Urine turbid, brown, with blood, gravel.
18 Priapism excessive, and swelling and burning pain in the penis. Burning and scalding pain on the glans. Cumshot very intense, or almost nothing, and very difficult.
19 congested uterus and ovaries, with lancinating pains. Contraction of the uterus with the feeling that something was at pains to penetrate. Menses delayed, erratic, with cramps and black blood.
20 - () False membranes in the larynx. Low voice deep, rough, unintelligible. Hoarseness, cough and nasal obstruction. Cough worse at night and when going to sleep, violent, hollow, sometimes with blood. Visits of dyspnea.
Tendency to obesity in the thorax. Badges chest pains, worse cough, breathe or move. Burning and lancinating pains in the chest, with heat and dryness. Galactorrhea in puberty or beyond infancy. Eruption on the left breast.
21 - () Feeling that the heart is surrounded by water. Frequent palpitations.
22 Burning lumbar and renal region, with contractions.
23 Inflammation and swelling of the limb joints.
24 Drowsiness irresistible lethargy. You wake up at night and can not go back to sleep. Nightmares.
Heat 25 with dry skin. Great heat throughout the body, with cold sweats.
Sweat seems to corrode the skin.
26 Itchy skin, worse from scratching, heat and motion.
Large pustules on the face, leaving scars. Sensitive skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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