Plantago. Homeopathy

(P. Major. Great Tires)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Plantago
1 - () Great mental prostration, with confusion and bewilderment, as if his mind idle, worse from mental exertion.
2 - () Irritable, moody, impatient, restless, feeling of stupidity in the brain.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Plantago
3 - () Above all the morning upon awakening and in a warm room, feels weak and heavy, with an aversion to any physical or mental stress, stretches and yawns frequently, and though overcome his laziness, does not improve walking outdoors .
4 - () Aggravation: the morning upon waking, after noon and night;
heat and cold, cold air and strong wind, or heat the room, by mental effort, by contact, by motion. Left sided. Best: after dinner.
5 - () has been used to the 1st decimal (or higher powers) to cause distaste or aversion to the poisoned snuff in smokers with depression and insomnia. Aggravation by snuff.
6 - () neuralgic pains tearing terebrantes or by blows; unbearable appear suddenly and tend to change location.
7 Headache, generally associated with toothache, with stitches as lightning, with nausea, better by pressure with cold hands, worse from warmth, in paroxysms. Deep head oppression. Itching of the scalp.
Neuralgia with 8 cavities in the upper incisor teeth, but to the left, with exquisite pain in the eye. Eyes red, inflamed, Curbier vision. Sore and swollen eyelids.
9 - () Earache sharp, neuralgic, ranging from ear to ear through the head, usually associated with toothache, or pain in the face or jaw. Hyperacusis painful. Hey stamps.
10 - () Frecucntes sudden and copious sneezing with watery, non-irritating, saffron yellow, starting with the left side.
Sensation of pressure to the nasal bones against each other.
11 - () Violent facial neuralgia left (sometimes right), extended to the jaw and ear, in connection with a toothache; with swollen cheek.
Eruption frontal squamous lower lip erythema on the left side of the face. Dark lips. Blister on his upper lip.
12 - () Toothache violent, intolerable in decayed teeth or, worse from slight touch, at night and things hot or cold or by walking in cold air, better eating or lying down in a cool room, sometimes with drooling or with red gums and bleeding, with irradiation, particularly to the ears or face, with watery eyes. Feel elongated teeth. Caries fast. Grinds teeth sleeping.
13 Tongue white with putrid taste and breath. It feels like a meal.
Thrush in children. Pyorrhea.
14 Throat dry, he barks. Abundant and adherent mucus in the throat, with hoarseness. Pain and swelling in the submaxillary
15 Shortly appetite. Sed. Belching sulfur warmly. Nausea and drowsiness or fainting and trembling with gastric emptying. Gastric heaviness like a stone, even eating little. Cold and pain in the stomach.
16 - () Vacuum on the belly. Severe pain in hypochondria. Distension of the stomach with fetid flatus. Pain in the abdominal muscles. Flatulent colic, better eating.
17 - () Diarrhea worst of 8 to 10 hours with colic and tenesmus, stools brown, watery, frothy, excoriating. Chronic diarrhea. Childhood diarrhea.
Painful piles. Intestinal Parasites.
18 - () Pain in kidney area to the pressure. Frequent urination of large amounts of pale urine, worse at night. Nocturnal enuresis large amounts of urine in children. Diabetes, with polyuria and bulimia. Leaking urine. Itching of the urethral meatus, with punctures up or cutting pain from the inside out. Urine clear, dark red, strong-smelling, orange, with white sediment.
19 Sexual weakness. Unconscious nocturnal emissions.
Erysipelas in 20 breasts. Mastitis.
Hoarseness 21. Cough in cold air. Gasping or sighing. Tightness in the chest while reading or talking. Sharp stitches in the chest.
Heat 22 chest when walking outdoors. Violent palpitation stair climbing. Pulse strong, full, intermittent.
23 stiff neck and sore, worse on the sternocleidomastoid (more right), worse moving the head toward the painful side, the better the other side.
Throbbing pain between the shoulder blades. Sacral pain.
D4 Stitching pain in the upper limbs. Hard, white papules, some with red dots on inside of thighs. Pain and stiffness in the left knee and leg, worse on stooping.
25 Yawning excessive and continuous. Insomnia abdominal disorders.
Restless sleep.
26 Chills with goose bumps, no thirst, worse moving, body cold with shivering, cold hands and feet even in a heated room.
Fever with thirst, restlessness and intolerance and closed heated room, with burning heat in head, face, hands and feet. Lumbosacral cold sweats.
27 Violent itching worse at night, burning after scratching or rubbing.
Vesicles and swelling and redness in hands and face. Papulas oozing a yellowish liquid, forming scabs. Erythema. Burns.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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