Platina (platinum). Homeopathy

1 - () Arrogant, proud and haughty, look up and down contemptuously to persons normally more respected or beloved (worse within a room, better outdoors in the sun). It has a large over-or a high opinion of yourself underestimate others, and judged them all as worthless or vulgar despises everyone and everything. In the field delirious and sees all objects smaller than they really are, everyone is physically and mentally inferior to her, and feels physically larger and superior to all others. He imagines that does not belong to his own family. Censorship at all, all he finds fault. Always unhappy with everything, capricious, bossy, does not tolerate that contradict it is insolent, ambitious and easily offended. It's hard with his inferiors, and smooth with his superiors. Ungrateful.
2 - () psychic disorders caused by emotional factors, especially anger, anxiety or anger with fright, frustrated ambitions, from fright, contempt or admonitions; by repression, dissatisfaction or frustration of their needs hypertrophied desire for expansion or possession and sexual desires. It is manifested by a non-acceptance of the situation or, more frequently, by a melancholy resignation, tired of living, sadly, most of morning and evening or at dusk, or in a warm room or by masturbation, and improvement outdoors. Involuntary crying, can not be contained, especially during menstruation, when spoken to, with the pains and dusk, <consolation, but relieves the symptoms, sometimes crying for joy and laughter alternating with weeping with joy or sadness or se vie serious things or if you speak of sad events (plus the outdoors). The depressive reaction can be externalized through indifference or apathy, worse if he is in company, or silent, worst in the evening, sitting in a corner and quiet or else thought to abandon or forget, that this alone in the world, desire for solitude all compounded in the dusk and improved outdoors.
3 - () The genital hyperexcitability (see 31) is manifested by mental symptoms of a sexual nature. There is a real nympho, especially during menstruation, in the puerperium or suppressed menstruation. Lust. It acts and speaks as obscene. Impudence. Insania erotica. Homosexuality, both in men as in women (the most prominent drug in the code).
Libertinism. Premenstrual hysteria, with lust. Sodomy.
4 - () The mode of being is changing or, more even, alternating. And also very prominent mental symptoms alternating with physical symptoms, this is how nervous disorders (insanity, delirium, etc..) Ceases when the pains occur or any other physical problem, and vice versa.
5 - () Irritability checked, worse during the chills, for the comfort or contradict it. It is perverse, and can have destructive impulses. There are sudden urges or desires to kill his own son, or her husband, who adores her, and especially to see a knife. Impatient, sullen; fighter.
6 - () Anxiety worse during menstruation, with fear of death, but believes the next. Fear that something happens to your husband and never come back,
although it does regularly, fear of men, people. Anxiety during menstruation, with fear, to guilt. Restless trembling.
7 - () Hallucinations: that all people are devils, you see devils everything seems horrible and strange, that converses with ghosts. Delirium, with fear of men; talkative. Madness erotica, religious postpartum. Whistles, sings and dances compulsively.
8 - () Distr. Memory low. Stunned, difficulty in thinking about whether this company.
9 - () Scream, calling for help, especially for the pain. Hypersensitive to noise.
10 - () cramping pain, pressing (inside out), or a bruise or contusion, or restrictive, especially when you press the affected part, that appear and disappear gradually with compression sensations and numbness. Pains go from right to left.
11 - () or squeezing sensation of tight band around the affected parties, or as if they were tightly bound with ligatures (belly, limbs, toes, etc.)..
12 - () Numbness or analgesia, especially in the affected parts, sore, internal or external (scalp, face, malar, mastoid, ears, genitals, etc.).
13 - () Worse, from touch or pressure, before or during menstruation, at rest, standing, sitting, leaning forward or backward; after r