Plectranthus. Homeopathy

(P. fruticosus)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Plectranthus
1 Distr can not concentrate on anything. Moody.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Plectranthus
2 - () Worse after eating, by motion, for moving the head by * Rotate the body by swallowing, when urine from the heat of the stove. Better: by application of ice, belching; after urination.
3 - () The pains and other symptoms appear and disappear suddenly.
4 Sensation as if air passed through the bone marrow.
Right side 5.
Plectranthus SPECIFIC
6 Head confused, heavy. Pressure and stitches in the right front. Violent headache and intolerable in vertex and forehead. Occipital headache worse lying on his back or outdoors. Copious sweat on the head.
7 Yellow sclera, worse on the left. Fluttering before his eyes.
Pinching and 8 stitches in ears. Hey roars.
9 excessive nasal catarrh, with frequent sneezing, obstruction and large yellow sticky mucous secretion. Nose dry tomorrow.

10 Pain drawing in the right cheek, worse at night, swollen cheek, with fever. Lips very dry and hot.

Violent tearing in 11 incisors, toothache on the right side, worse chew better outdoors, with a swollen face. Tongue coated. Sensation of cold, then burning, tongue and soft palate. Dry mouth, burning worse from eating or drinking. Temporomandibular joint pain or nearby, as if to get a tooth; disorders eruption of wisdom teeth.
12 Scrape the throat dry with thirst, burning as from pepper, until the stomach. Foreign body sensation in the throat when swallowing. Tension in the throat when drinking. Dysphagia.
13 Gran appetite satiated come without hurry. Weight in stomach, worse after eating. Anorexia. Great thirst. Frequent belching. Hiccups. Nausea, vomiting, sudden, gushing. Gastralgias cutting.
14 cramping pain in the navel, worse after eating, violent colic cord with desire to defecate. Rumbling. Crawling from the umbilicus to pubis. Cold in the upper abdomen. Stitches in the left groin.
Pressing pain in 15 straight, with cramps followed by diarrhea with copious stools, dark, frothy, then burning and tenesmus. Sale white mucus anal itching and burning by scratching. Stool almost black, brown or yellow, or watery stools with mucus, or first and then aqueous pasty.
After moving the bowels: weakness in the legs, cold in the stomach, cold sweat on his forehead. Parasitic roundworm.
16 Pressure in the bladder, followed by urination and pain from root
penis to the bladder. Burning in navicular fossa while urinating and after.
Frequent and sudden desire to urinate; to rush, but only a few drops come with a full bladder sensation. Polyuria. Dark urine with reddish yellow sediment.
17 Darting pain along the right side of the penis and urethra. Violent erections.
18 Burning in the sternoclavicular joint. Stitches in the chest
more, stop breathing, on the right side. Pain in the thorax
right, extended to the right shoulder blade and neck, so violent that night dmpulsa to jump out of bed and cry or mourn, better putting ice locally. 19 Stiffness and tension in the neck, worse on moving the head.
Stitching between the shoulder blades to walk or breathe.
20 - () Paralytic tearing in the joints and limbs. Sense of paralysis in the joints of the fingers and toes, in different sites of the upper limbs, appearing and disappearing abruptly.
Feeling tired or dislocated right shoulder. Twitching tearing in the right upper limb joints. Stitches in the right wrist. Tiredness in the legs. Painful cramps in the calves, they wake up. Stitches in the left hip, burning on the right. Cramps in the adductors of the thighs. Pain in the knees.
Violent stitches in the malleolus. Burning in the periosteum of the right tibia.
Legs numb. Toes painful as burned.
21 Somnolence. Disturbed sleep. Suenos do not remember.
22 Violent and sudden chills that shake and wake, with chattering teeth, followed by dry mouth, cold in the belly with his face and hands warm. Night sweats sour. Sweating in his right foot and hands, the left foot is dry.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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