Plumbago littoralis. Homeopathy

Plumbago littoralis
(Plumbaginea of Brazil)
Mental symptoms of Plumbago littoralis
1 Silent.
2 prostration.
Desire and aversion of Plumbago littoralis
3 - () Aversion to everything.
Plumbago littoralis SPECIFIC
4 - () Vertigo after dinner. Heat in the head. Frontal headache and temples.
Heat in 5 eyes. Inflammation with secretion in the left eye.
6 Sharp pain in left ear.
7 - () Sialorrhea milky. Ulceration at the corners of his mouth. Boca bitter.
8 painful constriction of the throat.
9 gastric heaviness.
10 Pain behind the false ribs on inspiration.
11 - () Constipation with red urine.
12 Violent sexual desire in both sexes.
Pain or 13 stitches in the right ribs, in the sides of the thorax.
Chest pain 14; stitch. Palpitations. Pulse hard and small.
Backache 15. Pain in the kidney region. Back pain.
16 - () Burning pain in his right shoulder. Humerus pain when lifting heavy lgo. Uricema with joint pain. Joint weakness in the legs. Upper hot with cold hands.
17 Somnolence. Sounds with corpses.
18 Chills to move. Internal heat that comes and goes, worse at night.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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