Plumbum (lead) aceticum and carbonicum. Homeopathy

(Lead metal, including Plumbum Aceticum and Carbonicum)

1 - () Sad, moody, depressed, tired of life; discouraged to great anguish and distress, with sighs, aversion to talk and work. Growing apathy.

2 - () Fear of being murdered or poisoned, he thinks that everyone around him is a murderer, with great anxiety and great concern. Delirium alternating with colic and pains in the limbs. Rare Adopts attitudes and positions in bed. She faints upon entering a crowded room.
Tendency to deceive, to exaggerate their illness. Hysteria. Dementia of general paresis.

3 - () Perception slow, progressive intellectual torpor. Weakness or loss of memory. Unable to find appropriate words to express when he speaks. Imbecibilidad. Eat, eat Uremic.

4 - () One of the major drugs of MS, especially in arteries located in the internal organs and central nervous system, especially in the spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis, multiple sclerosis. Sclerosis of the posterior spinal cord. Arteriosclerosis.

5 - () Slimming excessive and rapid, general or partial, especially the painful parts or paralyzed with muscular atrophy. Progressive muscular atrophy. Thinning in children.

6 - () Slow conduction of sensation in their perception and response. Anesthesia; numbness analgesics. Dullness of nerve activity, leading to paralysis, particularly of extensor muscles. Poliomyelitis acute and chronic. Painless paralysis. Parkinson's Disease. Saturnine paralysis. Muscle flaccidity. Shrinkage of soft tissue retraction and sensation.

7 - () Cramping and constricting pains in internal organs. Spasms.
Tremors worse by emotions or by the least effort. Seizures. Seizures preceded by vertigo, with loss of consciousness, worse at night, with chronic seizures and tonic, with the cramps, eat, during menstruation, for masturbation, for uremia on one side, with paralysis.
Numbness of affected parties.

8 - () Worse: motion; at night, by rubbing; outdoors; by touch, for mental or physical exertion, lying on the right, in foggy weather, walking, in crowded rooms. Better: hard pressure; by friction; at rest, lying down, stretching the members, for years.

9 Anemia. Edema. The symptoms develop slowly, disappear temporarily and reappear.
Desire and aversion of Plumbum

10 - () I: from chips, bread, sweet, salty, alcoholic beverages, acids, snuff.

11 Dizziness when bending over or looking up, sometimes fall. Headache as a ball that rises from the throat to the brain. Heaviness occipital and frontal. Congestion of blood to the head, with throbbing and heat.
Apoplexy. Cerebral hemorrhage. Violent pains in the scalp.
Hair dry or too oily, hair loss from head, eyebrows and sideburns.

12 - () Acute pain pressing, as if the eyes were too large. Heaviness
eye to move. Paralysis of the upper eyelid. Spasmodic closure of the eyelids, twitching and jerking. Ocular inflammation, iritis. You stick the eyelids. Yellow sclera. Eyelid edema. Miosis.
Cataract; seen as hazy, rubs his eyes. Glaucoma. Myopia. Diplopla.
Hypopyon. Optic neuritis with central scotoma, Sudden blindness after fainting.

Earache terebrantes tearing or 13. Sudden hearing loss or deafness.
Ringing in the ears. Hear music.

14 - () nose cold. Erisipelia nose. Pustules in the corners of the nose. A foul odor from the nose. Anosmia. Fluent coryza; adherent mucus.

15 - () pale, yellowish, Hippocrates, sallow, with features that express suffering and great anxiety or distorted. Face bloated, swollen on one side. Right facial palsy. Facial skin greasy and shiny, like oil, to both sight and touch. Tearing in the jawbone, or terebrante in the bottom. Cramps in the jaw, lockjaw. Peel the lips. Submaxillary glands swollen. Trembling in the facial muscles.

16 - () Toothache by cold things. The teeth are coated with yellow, or turn black. The stink of decayed teeth and break or crack. The teeth become loose and fall. Grinds teeth. Gums swollen, pale, with teeth close to the edge as an edge or "Liser" bluish or purple, or black or dark gray (is the mark of poisoning). Hard and painful nodules on the gums. Dry mouth. Sialorrhea sweetish taste; sticky, thick, worse sleep. Foam mouth. Mucus in mouth on waking in the morning. Canker sores and foul, and purple blotches in the mouth and tip of the tongue. Foul breath. Tongue swollen, swollen, heavy, dry and brown, cracked, green, yellow, red at the edges, paralysis of the tongue (run left) preventing him from talking, can not get her out of his mouth, shaking to remove it. Sweetish taste, bitter, metallic and horribly offensive.

17 - () Sore throat with foreign body sensation. Sensation of a ball that rises to the throat (globus hysterical). Constricted feeling one's throat for the slightest effort to swallow, with great need. Pharyngeal paralysis, post diphtheritic, can not swallow. Sense of an insect walking on the esophagus. Tonsils swollen and indurated, with pain that goes from left to right. Repeated abscesses, small and extremely painful in the tonsils. Spasmodic contractions of the esophagus, preventing it from swallowing solid food. Paralysis of the esophagus.

18 - () warmly food regurgitation, or saccharine, or acids, sometimes violent and painful. Hiccups. Frequent nausea, retching. Violent and continuous vomiting of food, or subject or blackish green, or yellow, with violent gastralgias; of bile or blood in stools, with colic and constipation. Gastric heaviness after eating.
Violent gastralgias cutting or burning, or cramping, back stretch, English or members. Gastritis. Anorexia, or violent hunger, even right after eating. Intense thirst for cold water.

19 - () Abdomen retracted and hard, sunken, concave, with the sensation of touching the column, with drawing pains from front to back, as if the abdominal wall was pulled back by a thread; worse in omnbligo.
Colic or painters. Colicos violent and paroxysmal radiating to all parts of the body, especially from the navel or around, with retraction of the same, forcing the patient to stretch or take all sorts of positions, worse from slight touch and night, better for the strong pressure. Symptoms worse in the left abdomen. Great remedy the liver, with pain and sensitivity to pressure, heat and burning in the liver; punctures. Jaundice. Cirrhosis, first hypertrophic, atrophic then.
Affections of the spleen. Umbilical hernia. Strangulated inguinal hernia, with cramps and vomiting faeculant. Ileocecal large, hard swelling, very sensitive to the slightest touch or movement, sneeze or cough. Burning or cold in the belly pulsations. Ulcerations and gangrene, intestinal intussusception, obstruction. Hard nodules in the womb. Abdominal walls sore, worse on movement and touch. Incarcerated flatus, with rumbling and rumbling. Abundant hot expulsion of flatus, burning and very offensive.

20 - () Constipation severe, chronic, rectal paresis or paralysis, with continual and ineffective urging to stool, with stool hard, black, pellets or faeces of sheep that are sometimes grouped together in large (or fecal boluses) the candidate with an intense and very painful spasmodic constriction in anus during bowel movements, which may persist one or two hours.
Feeling that the anus were retracted or pulled violently.
Constipation in pregnancy, in children, while alternating diarrhea and constipation; when Platina fails. Sometimes prolonged diarrhea, with stools yellow, watery, bloody, very offensive, with colic. Anal prolapse. Anal fissure.

21 - () Retention of urine with the cramping. Dropwise urination, dark urine, scanty. Urgency. Acute or chronic interstitial nephritis, with aqueous or reddish urine, cloudy, thick, albuminuria, hematuria and casts, and urine of low density, with amaurosis and cerebral symptoms; uremia. Nephrosclerosis.

22 swelling and inflammation of penis and scrotum. Constriction in the testicles, jerking of the spermatic cord. Shrinkage of the testicles. Excoriation in the scrotum. Sexual desire greatly increased, with frequent erections and pollutions, or lack of desire. Imnpotencia.
Cumshot low during intercourse.

23 - () Menstruation delayed. Amenorrhea. Nymphomania. Spasmodic dysmenorrhea, it needs to stretch sore ovaries. Metrorrhagia with symptoms of abdominal retraction, in the climacteric, with dark clotted blood alternating with liquid. Strangulation of the prolapsed vagina. He feels that there is enough room in the uterus for the fetus, the uterus can not expand; threatened abortion. Tendency to abortion. Difficulty urinating during pregnancy because of lack of sensation in the bladder or paralysis, puerperal eclampsia. Induration and inflammation of the sinuses, with sharp pain and burning. Vaginismus. Milk scanty and watery.

24 Hoarseness, aphonia. Laryngeal constriction. Dry cough, whooping.
Copious expectoration, mucous, thick, transparent, or yellowish green, or pus or blood. Dyspnea, or gasping breathing. Spasmodic asthma. Periodic oppression in the chest on deep pressure or laughing. Vertices affected lung. Red papules on the chest.

25 - () hypertrophy and heart dilation and especially the left ventricle, with or without atherosclerosis, often with chronic nephritis. Heart murmurs. Precordial anxiety with palpitation, worse when climbing stairs or running. Tachycardia. Pulse frequent hypertension and hard, slow and soft in myocarditis.

26 Tension in the neck when moving head. Intense pain in the back, lower back or between the shoulder blades. Distortion of the spine. Itching of the coccyx.

27 - () neuralgic and arthritic pains in the limbs. Shooting pain like lightning, temporarily enhanced by pressure. Joint pain. Paralysis of the limbs, painless, especially in the extensors, right hemiplegia. Paralysis of the upper limbs, worse on right, with cold and numbness; by lead poisoning, paralysis of the right forearm, wrists, right hand and fingers in their extensor muscles, paralysis of the pianists. Paralysis of lower limbs, with cramps after delivery; post diphtheritic, worse on the feet.
Patellar areflexia. Dilated veins on the backs of the hands, arms and legs; varices. Neuralgic pains and cramps very painful, especially in the calves and soles of the feet, worse at night. Cyst on the back of the wrist. Red spots and swollen fingers. Dolores and stitches on her hips, extending down to the knees. Pains in the limbs, worse in evening and night, neuralgic, paroxysmal, erratic, paralytic, gout, worse by motion; joints, worse from warmth of bed. Chronic sciatica worse by pressure, with atrophy.
Pain in right big toe, worse at night and the slightest touch. He sleeps right outer thigh, the legs and feet, difficulty stepping. Feet swollen, with fetid sweat. An incarnate. Major lower limb weakness sn into the knee joints.

28 Great daytime sleepiness, sleep up to talking. Coma and lethargy.
Sleepless night with cramps. Dreams. Talking in sleep; shaking.

29 Chills and shivers, worse in open air and exercise in the evening rise. Internal heat in the evening and night. Cold sweats and clammy, or complete absence of perspiration.
Sensitive skin 30 outdoors. Dry, rough, light gray, black, blue or yellow. Dark brown spots all over.
Of the smallest tendency to become inflamed and suppurating wounds. Ulcers with burning pains. Scarring; slough. Chafing. Numbness content.

Rhus Tox.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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