Pneumococcus. Homeopathy

(Neumococo. clinical symptoms)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of pneumococcus
1 - () Depression with anxiety. Want to stay home, go abhors.
Tired of life. It has no memory.
2 - () Great fear of death, to be sick. Think you can not walk.
General symptoms of Pneumococcus
3 - () Aggravation: When entering a warm room, for moisture; before menstruation, for night sleep, for inactivity by sitting too long, especially if you were still. Better: open air, in the field, by motion, for a nap, after eating, for bathrooms of hot cie.
4 - () Shooting pains or cramping, which appear suddenly and are short.
Constrictive pains, as in a lathe. Pain worse at rest and at night, better by motion.
SPECIAL Pneumococcus
5 - () Headaches prolonged (3 to 4 days), often worse in the neck, worse when coughing, bending the head and the noise. Hemicrania worse when walking, which produces beats in his head. Sensation of fluid in the head on stooping.
Vertigo. Frontal headache over eyes.
6 Eyestrain by neon lights.
Otitis 7. Vertigo aural.
8 - () left frontal sinusitis with pain. Red face when entering a warm room.
9 - () Oral Thrush.
10 - () Poor digestion. Frequent nausea after eating. Gastralgias especially when hungry, eating better. Stomach cramps with burning.
11 distention and left upper quadrant pain, improved to expel flatus.
Constipation with 12 urgent desires, while traveling.
13 - () The urine when coughing.
14 - () Menses frequent, every 22 to 24 days, and cease the second day, or late and scanty, with heavy legs and swollen before menses.
Vaginal burning during intercourse. Bearing down sensation in the uterus, crosses his legs. Absence of orgasm.
15 - () You feel like having a pen in the larynx. Dry cough incessantly, without expectoration, worse from cold or heat, or night, with nausea, after breakfast. Cough worse when entering a warm room. Has to stoop to cough. Frequent cough bronchitis in childhood. Tracheitis.
16 - () chest pain. Frequent palpitations, emotional, forcing him to stop when walking fast or climb stairs. Right branch block on electrocardiogram.
17 - () Pain in the neck and cervical, dorsal, that prevent him from standing.
18 - () Pain in arms and legs. Restless legs, PMS worse.
Heaviness in the legs on the morning on waking. Tremor in the legs.
Foot cramps. Wet hands.
Somnolence 19 to 15 hours.
20 itching rash on his neck and forehead. Eruptions on the face.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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