Poly Magnetis ambo. Homeopathy

Magnetis POLI AMBO
(Lactose exposed to the influence of both poles of the magnet)
1 - () Tendency to anger and rage. Precipitation busy. He is indignant. Speak aloud to himself without knowing why.
2 None. Undecided. Amused.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of magnetism POLI AMBO
3 - () lancinating pain and burning through the body, particularly muscles in all directions. Dolores like a fracture in the joints, where they touch the cartilage covering two bones next, as if broken, worse in evening and morning, in bed. Burning pains in limbs and joints. Best to get up and move.
4 Shocks in the body, shock, or shocks, which cause violent flexion and extension of the body, sometimes with loss of consciousness.
frolongados fainting in which the pain, but is unable to speak or move.
5 aggravation of the symptoms by movement and an awakening.
6 - () Vertigo after lying down, as if about to fall; hesitate to walk, go waving objects. Headache as if a nail driven into the head, especially after a fit of anger. Headache as from a wound or blow, waking in the morning, or mental strain; improvement in flatus. Roaring or ringing in the head.
Itching of eyelids 7. Mydriasis. See flashes of white light in the twilight, or sparks.
Ringing in the ears 8. Hearing loss.
9 smells musty or smoky smell.
10 - () Sweat in the face of tomorrow. Violent pain, lancinating in the muscles of the face in the evening. Lips swollen, with sialorrhea. Painful pimples on the lips.
11 - () Toothache by cold drink or cold air, or in cavities, with swollen gums. Foul breath. Metallic taste, or moldy from foods.
12 - () Satiety easy. Acid regurgitation when bending. Gastralgias with cramps, restlessness, pallor and cold body. Fullness in the stomach, worse during mental effort. Rumbling, flatulence, colic. Hunger especially at dusk.
13 - () Constipation. Painless diarrhea with flatulence. Piles with pain after defecation, and rectal sensation of constriction. Rectal prolapse.
14 - () Lack of sexual desire in men with an aversion to coitus.
Erection without erotic thoughts. Retraction of the foreskin behind the glans. Epididymis swollen and painful, worse when touching and moving. Nocturnal emissions.
15 Menses early, heavy and prolonged.
16 - () Cough, spasmodic, but after midnight. Nocturnal dyspnea by tracheal mucus, which comes easily to the morning. Lancinating pain, burning and unbearable in the chest muscles. Easy expectoration of tracheal mucus.
17 - () Shocks in the column, as if something alive. Pain in the sacroiliac joint in morning lying sideways, or prolonged stooping.
18 - () pains of every kind, joint or muscle, shoulder and arms.
Red spots on the palms. Cramps in calves and toes, after waking in the morning. Burning pain in the heels and calluses of the feet.
19 - () Speech, hoarse, this restless during sleep. He wakes up at 3.
This lying on his back, hands behind head, legs wide apart, mouth open, snoring. Dreams. Jerking when falling asleep.
20 Foot Dry in need of uncovering.
21 Tendenica to bleed again at old wounds. Painful ulcers. Pustulitas painful.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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