Polygonum punctatum. Homeopathy

Polygonum punctatum
(Including P. Hidropiper Pepper Water)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Polygonum punctatum
1 Great Depression followed by excessive irritability, and intense fear of death.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Polygonum punctatum
2 - () The pains are lancinating lightning-like, throbbing or sharp, erratic.
3 Feelings of cold, alternating or burning match in the same or other parties.
4 Worse from cold, humidity, temperature changes. Better: heat.
5 Extreme weakness, tremors. Epilepsy.
SPECIFIC Polygonum punctatum
6 - () Acute pain, throbbing, in the left temple. Headache from an excitement.
Pressure and pain in the head during menstruation, in the neck at bedtime. Headache worse by moisture.
7 Burning eyes, sensation of dryness in the eyelids, with inflammation at the edges. Twitching in the eyelids when closed and lying.
8 Hearing loss. Hey stamps. Acute otalgia tilting the head forward, pulled back better. Cerumen increased.
9 coryza with frequent sneezing, with the sensation of having the raw mucosa. Nostrils red, swollen. Sensation, congestion in eyes and nose. Cold nose.
10 Acute pain in left side of the face, spread to the temples, worse from cold or humidity, often with cold on the right. Pain in the right maxillary sinus, as if from a tooth.
11 sensitive gums. Toothache from cold things. Language yellow ainchada feels. Heat and burning in the language, made out to throat and stomach.
Hot drooling. Bitter taste, spicy, peppery.
12 Throat dry, hot, hot, with sensation of excoriation; sensation of contraction after swallowing. Lymphadenopathy in the neck by cold or damp air.
13 - () voracious appetite or absent; not feel like a meal. Great thirst for cold water, but drink it produces nausesa; with cold in the womb. Acidity.
Weight or burning in the stomach. Cold in the stomach with burning in the chest.
Gastralgia pressing; not tolerate the pressure of clothing.
14 - () Tympany and flatulent colic, sharp pains or lancinating
with plenty of rumbling up and down, with nausea and diarrhea. Hypogastric pain, rectum and anus. Tearing pains in English, worse on the right. Throbbing in the left groin nodes.
15 - () Diarrhea with copious feces, mucous or gelatinous, yellow-green, dark, followed by rectal burning. Desire to defecate, but discharge fetid flatus. Urgency with nausea. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, stool hard. Hemorrhoids are intensely itchy and burning.
16 Nephritis cold. Cutting across the ureters into the bladder.
Gonorrhea very violent pains when urinating, making it tremble and mourn. Throbbing pain or burning on urination prostate. Pains in the bladder. Clear and copious urine, or red, with mucus and phosphate; albuminuria.
17 Pain in the testicles, spermatic cords and bladder neck during urination. Itching in the meatus and glans with urination, with stitches in the foreskin. Impotence with loss of semen.
18 - () Intense aversion to intercourse, followed by irritation if approached.
Feeling of heaviness and tension in the pelvic cavity by venous congestion.
Uterine and ovarian congestion, pain in English, worse on the right.
Amenorrhea in young girls with right groin pain. Menses copious; delayed; offensive. Irritation. Flow acrid, excoriating. Breast pain.
19 laryngeal constriction, mucus adherent with hoarseness. Dry cough at night, by temperature changes, for laryngeal tingling with sensation of dryness in the larynx. Pressing pains and throbbing in the xiphoid. Cutting pain in the left thorax.
Extended to 20 precordial pain left shoulder blade.
21 - () Pain under right shoulder blade. Pain in back and lower limbs, with the feeling that the hips were tugged toward one another. Pressing left lumbar pain.
22 - () tremors and weakness in limbs. Distended veins in the hands and feet. Thick and painful varicose veins worse at menopause or uterine congestion. Superficial varicose ulcers and painful. Throbbing pain in the upper limbs, jumping to the fingertips. Sciatica with pains like lightning. Legs and feet swollen. Alternately hot and cold feet.
23 Sleep restless. Can not remember what it sounds, or sounds with 2ansancio work, or with headache and wakes up with headache.
Alternate chills with 24 heats. Profuse sweats and tremors by widespread moderate exercise.
25 scarlet eruption on the trunk, with itching and burning. Eczema. Chronic Erysipelas. Old indolent ulcers.
COMPLEMENTARY Polygonum punctatum:
Natrum Muriaticum

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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