Pomegranates. Sunflower. Peas. Beans

Beans: They have a 51% alkaline salts. They are a highly nutritional product, give strength and energy. Produce abundant calories. Encourage the growth of young and fighting anemia. In general they are difficult to digest. The greens are the most digestible. Peas: They have a 55% mineral acid salts. The tender is nutritious and easily digested. The nuts are harder to digest and better as pure. They help the body to make lots of minerals especially iron and vitamins. Sunflower oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, consumption of which helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, in addition to providing valuable lecithin, essential for the brain. Pomegranates: I-heart tonic properties, tenifugas and astringent. Its rich bromides makes it useful for blood. They have sugar, citric acid and malic, and plenty of vitamin C. Its juice is excellent for bladder problems. It is one of the most potent antioxidants (juice).

*Automatic Translation