Populus candicans. Homeopathy

Populus candicans
(P. balsamifera. Balsamo of Judea)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Populus candicans
1 Introductions desperate, worse after sleep. Fear and anxiety.
Premonitions of death. Sensation will be paralyzed.
2 Talkative, but forget to finish sentences. He thought vanish. Discuss your symptoms with everyone.
3 The voices you hear distant sounds, and words that have just been released seem to have been such a long time. The objects appear multiplied.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Populus candicans
4 - () Worse: motion; tomorrow, before menses, after eating or drinking, raising his arms, by contact of the clothes after sleeping. Better: local heat.
5 - () irritation and burning of skin and mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, throat, respiratory tract and vagina), with catarrhal and febrile state.
v 6 whole body feel swollen, sore and bruised, exhausted.
Stiffness in muscles, tendons and ligaments. O insensitivity detodo the surface of the body, worse on the back and belly. Weakness.
SPECIAL Populus candicans
7 Vertigo with heat in the head. Confusion with fullness headaches and pain with burning, with keystrokes. Pain in the left temple. Weight on vertex. Head hot with cold extremities.
8 Burning and irritation in the eyes. Feels as if he moved his left eye during headache.
9 coryza acute aphonia and hoarseness (see 18).
10 - () Face yellowish. Burning and smarting in the face. Cold sores in acute respiratory conditions.
11 - () Tongue white and dry, the feel asleep and moves with difficulty, has trouble speaking. Feel like burning, dry tongue and mouth, but are moist, with thirst, but only a sip. Taste bitter sweet morning.
12 - () Burning in the throat, which is red, dry and feeling of cobwebs. Dysphagia: the food stops in the esophagus or pass with difficulty. Acute nasopharyngitis and hot dry mucous, hoarseness, coughing, and intolerance of clothing around his neck.
13 Lack of appetite. He's hungry, but do not eat for fear of choking.
Belching hot. Nausea gastric languidly. Bilious vomiting.
14 No bear clothing in her belly, it loosens. Flatulent colic they do bend. Right upper quadrant pain. Liver hypertrophy.
15 watery green stools, alternating with constipation. Constipation with small round stools, preceded by cramps in the stomach, lack of power delivery.
16 Dark, small and hot; phosphaturia, dark red.
17 Menses scanty and delayed, or advanced and abundant, with dysmenorrhea, local heat better. Feel the vagina as if burned.
18 - () Acute laryngitis with nasopharyngeal catarrh. Hoarseness sharp, sudden, is an "instant voice producer" a hoarse voice tones from the effort of speaking. The sudden hoarseness may occur during or after an acute nasopharyngitis or premenstrual painless. Dry cough when tired, or caused by sensation of cobwebs in the throat, better sitting up and leaning forward. Cold cough in children by falling just behind the nose to the pharynx and larynx. Dyspnea worse by raising the arms better sitting leaning forward. Suffocation. Tightness in the chest with thoughts of death.
19 Points precordial. Irregular heart sounds and fluffy, with systolic murmur, worse PMS. Palpitations rising, or lying on the left side, with vertigo.
Numbness in the back 20. Fatigue and burning in the sacrum.
21 The tips of the fingers are thickened corneas, impervious to punctures. Rheumatic or gouty pains in the tips of the hands and feet iedos. Cyanosis of the nails.
22 Sleeplessness after midnight, anxiously. Vivid dreams or to scare him.
23 Hot sudden numbness in the extremities, with heat in head.
Mouth dry. Sweating in head and neck.
24 - () rough skin, cold and dry, with burning and stinging beneath the surface.
Pricking burning on face, chest and hands, with dark red skin and blisters as big as walnuts, which hang like bags of water, aqueous liquid, sticky, pungent, and hot as coals.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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