Poultices of clay or mud with other nutrients

Examples of clay poultices combined with other elements.

Poultice of clay with green cabbage juice

Green cabbage juice, especially forage kale, which is the most fraught with chlorophyll, is a special therapeutic means against stomach ulcers. As used cabbage juice drink for internal treatment of stomach ulcers, we will use the poultice of clay mixed with green cabbage juice also external application for the same purpose.

Clay raw onion juice

For clay poultice is grated raw onion and used for the kneading of the clay alone or by adding water. It is special for all types of inflammations and rheumatic pain.

Poultice of powdered clay with watercress

Watercress is often cut flat and are incorporated into the clay paste. Wherever there is infection, inflammation, etc, are very convenient

Poultice of clay with green lettuce juice
Lettuce has special soothing properties, while vitamin is saturated with elements absorbed by the skin and spread to the blood directly. It is special in skin diseases, vitamin deficiency, or in any kind of "algias" as neuralgia.

Poultice of clay with lemon juice

The poultice of clay mixed with lemon juice more or less diluted with water as the case has a special power in all the "itis", ie, inflammation with evident pain, including arthritis and the like.

Poultice of clay with beet juice
These poultices are of great interest to special cases because the skin being like a sponge, absorbing all those elements come into contact with it. There are those who will give special anti-cancer properties. They are very suitable for implementation in gangrene, tumors, and mixed with clay, beets or beet juice, placed in the womb as a poultice laxative used to stimulate peristalsis of the intestines.

Clay poultice of garlic juice
Raw garlic is not only the king of condiments but at the same time is a powerful medicine of multiple properties. They are especially for wounds fester and mature, infectious grains, etc..

Poultice of clay with purple grape juice
The black grape is always preferable to white. The large amount of tannin contained in the creditor makes a special place in trofoterapia and the same here, geoterapia or cure for the land. If we use placed on the heart area is an excellent tonic, like if we apply it on the spine or joints will be an active regenerating skeletal system, ie the bones.

Poultice of clay with apple juice
There are two very different types of apples. The table apple and apple cider. If we use apple juice to cider will have greater curative power. The clay is an excellent apple-inflammatory to implement in liver, stomach, throat, etc..

Poultice of clay with tomato juice

It is well proved the therapeutic power or trofoterápico ripe tomatoes and their juice. This kneading the clay with tomato juice poultice have a dual therapeutic value, that for certain cases of great importance. For example in aqueous skin eczema in the varicose ulcers, and especially in this case is very interesting mix with tomato juice, good olive oil or almond or serve as-inflammatory emollient.

Clay poultices with honey

It is above all a powerful disinfectant. It lowers the honey with a little water to dissolve well and kneaded clay.

Milk poultice clay

These poultices are proven particularly skin conditions, abscesses and other inflammations, including itchy eczema. Regularly apply these poultices hot and are very useful to mature. They produce a great effect if it is boiled with milk powder ground fenugreek seeds. Later, of course, add the clay to make pasta.

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