Pregnancy Symptoms by organs

Pregnancy is a physiological state of such importance in the lives of women throughout their body that is affected by a number of symptoms or localized changes in various organs and functions to be able to read.

These modifications are to be interpreted as:
* Phenomena of functional adaptation to their new state particular.
* Continuation of the changes in hormonal balance which are peculiar to the pregnant woman's body.
* Finally, like other disorders or neuropsychiatric autonomic imbalance due to their state of pregnancy.

Here we describe the changes in female body organs due to pregnancy, which represent the symptoms by which manifests the existence of a new life in the woman's womb and allowed to make a clinical diagnosis of pregnancy or pregnancy. This does not mean that manifest in all women, or in the same way or with the same intensity. It simply serves as a guide.

Pregnancy symptoms organ

Pregnancy Symptom: Delayed menstrual

It is the most typical sign in women with regular menstrual cycles. Pregnancy tests to assess whether or not a pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms in the genital organs

Symptoms of pregnancy on the labia majora:

Hyperpigmentation or darkening by increased deposition of skin pigment.

Symptoms of Prematurity in the Vagina
In vaginal palpation is discovered:

* Purplish spots on the mucosa.
* Swelling and softening of the vaginal walls
* Tactile perception of vaginal pulse Osiander, caused by the beating of superdilatadas vaginal arterioles.
* Increased secretion of mucus vaginal leukorrhea gravidarum.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the uterus
In its exploration can be seen:

* A softening pasty neck, body and especially the isthmus. The softening of the isthmus, which is constant, is the famous sign Hegar, important for clinical diagnosis of pregnancy from the first months.
* The smooth muscle contractility of the uterine body, which is produced by introducing the fingers into the vagina for inspection.
* The gradual increase in the volume of the corpus in relation to pregnancy outcome. The size of the uterus is enlarging as the weeks of gestation.

Pregnancy symptoms in other organs and apparatus
Pregnancy Symptoms Breasts
After the uterus, are the ones with the most important changes distensae.

* Gradual increase in volume and consistency because of proliferative phenomena of the mammary gland to be preparing for its role in lactic secretion.
* Increase the prominence of the nipples of both breasts.
* Hyperpigmentation of the areola (dark halo surrounding the nipple) to acquire a brown or almost black.
* Prominence of the same areola
* Increased attention from the tubers of Morgagni (which are a series of small reliefs present in the mammary areola)
* Appearance of other areola, called secondary areola, with a lighter color.
* Appearance of venous Haller lattice that gives the skin a bluish color characteristic.
* Appearance of stretch marks on the skin as a result of the increased volume of the mammary gland.
* Check out a few drops of colostrum by nipple.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the Face: The emergence of so-called mask frequent gravidarum, characterized by a series of brown spots or yellowish milk especially in the forehead and cheekbones.

Pregnancy symptoms in the Neck: Thickening of the anterior by hypertrophy of the thyroid gland.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the Abdomen: In addition to the marked and progressive propulsion of the stomach, are the following symptoms.

* Striations of the wall in concentric connection to the navel and especially at the lower abdomen.
* Darkening of the linea alba of the abdomen called (white line that runs through the middle of the belly)
* Increased sinking of navel

Symptoms of pregnancy in Lower Extremities: Varices frequent and sometimes edema.

Symptoms of pregnancy on the cardiovascular apparatus

* Thickening (hypertrophy) of the heart as a result of overwork, especially in the last months of pregnancy.
* Hypertension in the second half of pregnancy.
* Slight increase in pulse rate in the last months of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy on the respiratory
In the last months of pregnancy appears difficult breathing (dyspnea, gravidarum), which is due to limited respiratory excursions of the diaphragm by the enormous growth of the uterus invades the abdominal cavity.

Symptoms of pregnancy on the urinary

It is usually fairly frequent presence of albumin in the urine of pregnant women.

Pregnancy symptoms in neuropsychiatric System

From the first months of pregnancy the pregnant woman has called sympathetic phenomena (caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system):
* Nausea, vomiting (especially with an empty stomach and in the morning).
* Cravings for certain foods that were previously requested.
* Disgust for others that were previously enjoyable.
* Intolerance to certain smells.
* Trend easy to dizziness and fainting.
* Salivation abundant.
* Sometimes in some neuralgias some pregnant women (especially of the face, teeth and lower extremities).
* From the psychological point of view the pregnant woman suffers frequent and unexpected mood swings, crises of depression, melancholia, and so on.

Other symptoms of pregnancy
Fatigue and sleep
Fatigue is related to the presence of pregnancy hormones like progesterone and chorionic gonadotropin. Moreover, the creation of a new baby causes higher energy consumption by the body

Small vaginal bleeding
Can occur at any time during the first nine weeks of gestation. The underwear is stained with a brownish blood for one or two days and it happens when the embryo is implanted in the uterus wall. This type of bleeding is usually not dangerous unless it is accompanied by abdominal cramps.

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