Primula veris. Homeopathy

(Labios de Vaca)
1 Stubbornness. Anxiety with fever. Happy disposition.
2 - () Worst: inclined; stooping; motion; in the room, in a closed car, traveling by train, outdoors. Right side.
3 - () Eczema of the scalp with a flushed face. Failure and constrictive headache, with sensation of a tight band on the forehead and neck, with intolerance to the hat. Terebrante headache, pounding in his temples, neck and forehead, worse morning, stooping, motion, traveling by train indoors, outdoors and better by pressure. Vertigo with sensation of falling backwards, is afraid of falling when standing. Weight on the head. Tension frontal skin. Itching and burning of the scalp.
Floaters 4. Photophobia; this better in the dark. Stitching pain and burning in the orbits.
5 Hey buzzing and ringing in left ear.
6 Press at the root of the nose, worse on the right.
7 Cara hot pale.
8 Language clean with jagged edges, very red papillae on the edges.
Sialorrhea. Sensation of numbness in the right half of the tongue.
9 Burning pain in the right half of the throat. Punctures in the thyroid, right, breathing.
Nausea 10. Vacuum and burning sensation in pylorus and duodenum.
Rumbling 11. Loose stools and painless, with fever, followed by tenesmus.
12 Dark urine with strong odor or violet. Urgency, with painful irritation of the ureter.
13 Cough with burning in the airways. Sensation of sleeping on the right side of the larynx.
14 Palpitations with weakness.
15 Stiffness of the right side of the neck. Pain in the upper insertion of the right sternocleidomastoid.
16 heaviness and tiredness in the limbs, especially in the shoulders. Shocks in the forearm and calf to toe. Burning in the right shoulder joint, better in bed and lying on painful side. Pricking in the fourth and fifth fingers of both hands. Trembling hands and feet. Itching in the palms, burning. Tearing in left thigh and leg, sometimes with bloating. Itching of the little finger of his left foot.
17 Foot intense with excitement and anxiety, with fear of an attack of apoplexy. Sweating in the forehead, with cold hands and feet. Sweating in the feet and hands, his body cold. Hothead with red spots on her cheeks.