Proteus. Homeopathy

(Intestinal Bacteria. It is a Pathogenesis Clinic.
It is one of Bach's Nosodes)
1 - () Bursts of anger, worse contradiction. Throw objects in his hand. Patea. Tense, irritable, can kill in a fit. Sensation of extreme stress.
2 - () Depressed, anxious, thinking about suicide, but will not die.
Aversion to company.
3 - () The child rolls on the floor.
4 - () Worse in the morning on waking at night, from cold in winter in stormy weather, heat, by exposure to the sun by efforts; to climb stairs to bed, for wine. Better: an hour after rising;
by stretching, by eating in the mountains, for moderate temperatures, for whiskey.
5 - () seizures during fever.
Desire and aversion of Proteus
6 Desire: fat, sugar, salt, butter and eggs.
7 Aversion to meat, butter, pork, boiled eggs, peas, salad, onion, garlic, cucumbers and chocolate intolerance to that food.
8 - () Vertigo, with the feeling that the floor rises to meet him. Frontal headache with heaviness. Headache appears tomorrow, worse premenstrual, or with diarrhea and coated tongue. Intense feeling of intracranial tension. Sick headache. Hair loss.
9 - () Burning pain in the eyes that are red, with photophobia. Sharp stitches in his eyes, better by pressure. Go colored lights, with vertigo.
Vision impaired intermittently.
10 sharp, burning pain, as from an ear infection but no fever.
11 - () Nasal obstruction aggravated in enclosed places. Feeling greasy mucus discharge backward, from tomorrow.
12 Cracks in comiwras sores. Salt to taste in the mouth. Mouth sores. Sensitive gums.
13 - () Heartburn. Visits of hunger pangs, not relieved by eating. Nausea and headache after eating. Vomiting from the slightest exertion. Frequent hiccups after eating. Aerophagy; gets fingers to expel air.
Gastralgias, sometimes at night. Hematemesis.
14 - () Diarrhea emotion. Diarrhea with headache and coated tongue, loose stools, yellow, the morning after breakfast. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
Constipation with ineffectual urging. Melena. Oxyuriasis. Anal abscesses.
Bleeding piles with intense itching.
15 - () cystitis eat pork. Violent burning pains in the urethra.
Cloudy urine and fetida, with white fibers.
16 - () menses with clots, fibrous clots at the end of * enstruacion. Flow premenstrual brown and streaked with blood. Copious white discharge during ovulation. Vulvar pruritus. Vulvar abscess. Vaginitis.
17 subacute laryngitis with slurred speech. Cough with expectoration.
18 - () Sensacion precordial weight. Chest pain on effort.
Palpitation from the least emotion, or lying down. Frequent right bundle branch block on electrocardiogram.
19 - () lumbar pain. The hands are as dead night for spasms of the arterioles. Burning Hands at night, asleep in the morning. Flexion contracture of the little finger. You can not close his hand. Copious sweating of the armpits, falling in large drops, hands sticky. The one break. Itching vesicles on the outer side of wrist and fingers. Intermittent claudication.
Calf pain, forcing him to walk with a cane. Feet asleep, frozen, worse in cold water. Sciatic pain. Hammer toes.
20 - () Intense itching. Rash papular, pustular, erythematous, dry, peeling, chin and upper lip.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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