Prunifolium and Viburnum tinus. Homeopathy

VIBURNUM prunifolium
(Viburnum of North America)
1 Calm the tongue cancer pain.
2 - () Hiccups violent and painful in nervous women and dysmenorrhoea. Morning sickness in pregnancy, with great nervousness.
3 - () dysmenorrhea with irregular menstruation, scanty and short, in nervous women, with symptoms of hysteria. Tendency to abortion by uterine atony, babies born at eight months and die within weeks. Childbirth with weak pains, irregular and ineffective, or no progress despite having severe pain. Wrongs. Menstrual irregularities in infertile women with uterine deviations.
4 According to Phares, is "the best remedy that exists for tetanus" (Boericke).