Psicologia: psychosomatic disorders with psychological components


Among the functional disorders are on the one hand the somatic phenomena accompanying different emotions (or affects). They are grouped into two broad categories: The anguish that signal danger, and depression, lost signal or negative phenomena are dificles or impossible to solve. Both states can cause somatic effects.

Besides this there symptomatology expressed through body language. For example when a person has retentive tendencies were manifested by constipation (constipation, difficulty breathing). If the person is reactive with revulsive trends and unbearable so they tend to expel (vomiting, diarrhea, perspiration)

It follows that the body can through conversion psychosomatic symptoms that you have desires to release against the tendencies that oppose or forbid us this desire. It's like a psychological self-punishment is imposed to us the unconscious part of the superego. Each organ or system can release a somatization internal conflict. This may be so perceived by the individual or not. (Ejem. The person who has killed a loved one and do not express their feelings. After a series of symptoms appear).

INDICATED usual conversion
Motorcycles: paralysis, cramps, tics, tremor, aphonia, etc..
Sensory, various pains, blindness, sensation of heat or cold.
Upper intestinal tract: dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, bulimia, etc..
Lower intestinal tract: incontinence, constipation, diarrhea.
Respiratory tract: hyperventilation, shortness of breath, sighing, coughing, yawning.
Heart, circulation: cardiac neurosis, palpitations.
Urinary tract: need, frequency, incontinence, retention.
Vias Genital anesthesia from the vagina or penis, some forms of impotence or frigidity.
Skin: flushing, pallor
Consciousness and psychological functions: syncope, Annesi, fatigue, lack of energy, etc.

Major psychosomatic diseases
Psychosomatic illness greater pluricausales, psychological factors play a role alongside biological predisposition and especially hereditary. These diseases, including asthma, myocardial infarction, tuberculosis, ulcer, diabetes, etc.. figures seem to appear in a fragile narcissism, with major problems of dependency. They offer a conflict often referred to the desire for dependence and had a distorted relationship with the mother. These diseases are not merely psychosomatic conversion processes.

Foreign somatopsychic
Here are bodily functions that act on the mind. If our body has this problem affects us psychic anxiety, depression, etc..

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