Psilocybe caerulesens. Homeopathy

(P. Murray Caerulesens mazatecorum variety. Hallucinogenic mushroom of Mexico)
Pathogenesis performed by Dr. David Flores Toledo in 1980 (in Mexico), with symptoms obtained with various powers and dyeing by olfaction, and symptoms by ingestion of the fungus recorded by Teofilo Herrera.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Psilocybe CAERULESENS
1 - () There is a clear predominance of delusions and hallucinations of all kinds, and mystical or religious type: speak telepathically with higher spirits, feel eye contact with God, is attracted to God and the devil alternatively, feel possessed by a divine strength, peace and tranquility feels supernatural plurality: feel you can be in several places at once (ubiquity), which is simultaneously in two or three persons who talk among themselves and with as if seen in several mirrors or may be in several places at once, and think differently at each site, or have very vivid hallucinations and bright colored lights (spontaneous or on any topic you can suggest), or omnipotence, that makes you feel or think you can solve any mathematical problem or lntender any language or flying, erotic, or see thorns, ants, or your mind distorts what he hears (primitive songs seem sublime) or go (an old woman she looks young and beautiful or a man sheltered him like a shrouded corpse); feel someone stalks him from behind and turns around startled. During this state, dreads the thought of returning to reality and deal with their usual occupation or support the weight of his body.
There delusional attitudes, how to stay static in one position, or maintained in total secrecy refusing to talk, or without cause involuntary laughter.
2 - () Disorders of intellect. It focuses heavily. His memory is diminished: forget all of what is going to do, what you just read or study. Is lost in well-known. Wrong, writes a letter for another to begin a word or words transposed.
Lightheadedness, dullness. Very distracted. Mental agility. Mental weakness.
3 - () There is a pleasant feeling of tranquility and peace is very pronounced, as if nothing mattered. Indifference to everything around him, his family, their problems, their obligations to the conversation and ethical and religious principles.
4 marked sadness, uncontrollable desire to mourn, on awakening, or evoking the past, as if he left without doing anything, or to see a sad movie. Anguish in the evening, with dyspnea.
Irritable with 5 all-for trifles. Revenge, but does not know why or against whom. Hypersensitive to the music, not tolerated. Joker.
6 Distortion of the concept of time: in a hurry, or it seems that time passes very quickly.
7 Worse from cold, for cold air currents and humidity, the cold bath (with an aversion to the bathroom), by motion, for the sun to speak, by the smoke of snuff or smoking. Best: from cold, heat, for the outdoors. Laterality disorders left or from left to right.
8 tiredness and soreness throughout the body, with bruised sensation or joint pain. Weakness, after breakfast or lunch, sometimes with nausea, better by motion, weakness after stool.
Headaches preferably 9 front (or a half) or in temples or temporary worse cough or breathe or the sun or by exposure to cold, throbbing or burning. Feeling of heaviness or occipital band. Dizziness as if it pushed forward when walking, as if to fall, especially on the right. Pain in temples during chewing.
10 Pain, irritation and redness in the left eye, radiating to the head, with sensation of fullness or grandamiento. Photophobia. Mydriasis.
Tearing asleep, external angles. Vision blurred.
11 hyperacusis or deafness. Sensation of obstruction in the ear. Hey flapping noise of bells. Ears red and hot.
12 sneezing on waking. Intense itching of the nose. Tiolentos After sneezing, flowing coryza, worse in enclosed places, with excoriation of the nostril. Intermittent obstruction of the nose; secretion greenish white, sticky, front and back. Epistaxis.
13 Cheeks red and hot. Heat in the face of late. Dark circles. Pain as electricity in the right cheekbone. Temporomandibular joint pain.
14 Canker bleeding, painful and burning, worse from slightest touch; on the inside of the lips. Abscess on the left side of the palate. Bleeding gums. Metallic taste. Sialorrhea that makes swallowing constantly, with dry tongue.
15 Intense dry throat, not relieved by drinking, with foreign body sensation. Dysphagia for liquids. Pain and swelling and bloating in the left tonsil, worse with chewing, swallowing, opening and closing the mouth and touch, radiating to the left ear. Sensation of lump in the throat. Boring pain in the neck, from outside to inside.
16 appetite, or appetites, even at midnight. Acid regurgitation, heartburn that goes up the esophagus. Belching after eating. Heaviness in the stomach after eating, drinking more fluids. Gastralgias extended to the lumbar region. Be better not to drink or to see the liquid disappears. Nausea on waking. Sense of gastric emptying.
17 Pain in liver region after eating. Left upper quadrant pain. Stitches on the sides of the navel. Flatulence obstructed, with distention of 17 to 23 hours.
18 Ditrrea driving out of bed in the morning, watery stools, excoriating, offensive, first liquid and then into small pieces. Stools thin and scanty, sometimes with gases.
Tingling in the testes 19. Sexual excitement.
20 Flow with heat sensation vaginal and vulvar cancer. Vulvar sensation of heaviness.
21 Dry cough, worse from talking, from cold and drinking cold water, coughing better. Sticky yellow-green expectoration. Dyspnea by walking or moving; with anguish. Pressing pain under and outside the left nipple, or above the right nipple, or in the intercostal spaces, but in the fourth or fifth.
22 acute chest pain worse on movement, laughter and effort, sometimes extended to either forearm. Palpitations snapshots.
23 cervical weakness nausea. Back pain with sensation of having ice. Stitches in the lung bases, worse on the left, in the right lumbar region. Interscapular pain on the left. Right sacroiliac pain. Itching in the left shoulder blade.
24 pains in the limbs, starting from little, or appear and disappear abruptly, erratic, throbbing, burning, piercing, stinging or explosion. Joint pain. They sleep the upper limbs. Right deltoid pain, worse on rising and moving; irradiated to the entire limb, sometimes appear and disappear abruptly. Pain in right posterior forearm, radiating to the back of his hand ba, or in the thenar, hypothenar or the left, in the fingers.
Heat in the hands. Egg wrinkled. Tingling in palms. Tiredness and weakness in upper limbs, and the lower that prevents standing or walking. Legs fall asleep. Pain in the knees, sometimes first on the left, then right, worse at rest, better walking, or in the popliteal fossa, or in the left hip, or upper third of the right tibia, or in plants of feet, sometimes first on the left and then right. Heat in the feet in the right buttock, coldness and burning in left heel. Tremor in the left leg. Rheumatic pain in right thumb, radiating to the shoulder.
25 Insomnia, can only sleep on my stomach. Sleepiness after eating or during pain. Sueno is not rest; stands weak and tired. Dreams: erotic, that has diarrhea that rob and assault him, that it pursues a vampire, who eats frogs.
Sweating and tired 26 to 17 hours. Sweat on the forehead in a closed room, better outdoors.
27 Anesthesia of the skin. Itching in the palms and soles, on the posterior aspect of left forearm and thigh. Red spot on the right patella. Warts on the neck. Vesicles with red areola, itching and stinging pain, which may coalesce or weeping.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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