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PSORINUM (serum of Vesicles of Sarna)
1 - () a patient is essentially hopeless, and her despair is itching physical origin of the skin (with or without rash) and pruritus real spiritual, inward, as evidenced by an intense and profound feelings of guilt, which makes this anxious and desperate, not only for the salvation of his soul in the afterlife, but also by his body as he despairs of his recovery when sick (especially during convalescence), because it seeth him in order to his illness, because he realizes that does not react to any treatment and medicines, although apparently well chosen, fail.

Anxious about his health. There is a sharp discouragement and pessimism which makes it look all black, and makes you think I failed in everything you undertake, making life intolerable for others and the same. Thus reaching a state of deep sadness, caused (as the desperation) in their pruritus, skin and consciousness, which produced such anxiety that begins to have strong suicidal thoughts and allow you to pay your fault , but is afraid to die (especially cancer) and frequent thoughts of death.
2 - () The depression is also reflected in a sharp discouragement and pessimism, with a deep sense of failure at life. He's afraid to fail in their activities, to misfortune or bad luck, poverty, evil, the future and constantly thinking (because it is obsessive), which is about to lose his fortune. He feels abandoned, helpless. Anguish continuous improvement during meals or a nosebleed. Anxiety with fear, when descending a hill into a car, or just riding in a vehicle. Fear of bathing. Fear of storms. Undecided. Indolent.
3 - () Mental Disorders of religious content, with anxiety or despair for the salvation of his soul in the hereafter (see l). Religious melancholy.
4 - () Irritable night when he wakes up, on awakening, during fever. Impatient. Stubborn. Argumentative. Insolent. Babies who do not want to sleep by day or night, are uncomfortable and scream or cry. The child is calm and play by day, but this restless, upset and crying all night.
Moody, is startled by a sound, wants to be alone.
5 - () has a bad memory: forgotten places, and also what you have read, heard or said. Obsessions previously appeared in his dreams, on waking unpleasant subjects. Confusion better outdoors. Think he understood what he read, but if you try to explain it, he realizes that.
6 - () Disorders anticipation, emotions, mental efforts.
7 This cheerful and happy when constipated. Sentimental.
8 makes gestures as if to grasp or achieve something, or tweak the covers, or wringing her hands.
9 Ideas rare: feeling that the head is severed from the body, or as if the left half of the head does not work anymore.
10 - () Grand hypersensitivity to cold, cold air. It's awfully chilly, always cold and always entertains a lot, uses several blankets even in summer, or a lot of underwear or fur hat. Never got heat. Lack of vital heat. Tendency to take cold or cold (often given immunity). Worse from cold, on entering a cold place or changes in weather or temperature, especially cold to heat. Also exacerbate the extremes of temperature.
11 - () All their excretions (diarrhea, discharge, menstruation, sweating, ear or nose discharge, etc.) Have a very bad smell, horrible, rotten, carrion. Your body has a bad smell, even after bathing, but is afraid to bathe, but this better later. People usually are dirty, untidy, offensive in the sight and smell.
12 - () Total lack of reaction to any therapeutic, drug or psychological; lack of excitability. In chronic cases when well selected remedies fail to cure or alleviate permanently (in acute, Sulfur), or when it seems appropriate Sulfur and not act. Especially after an acute illness, a large depletion or disappearance of eruptions or sweats. "Psorinum should not be given to psora or psoric diathesis, but, like any other choice, by the strict individualization (the totality of symptoms) and then we will see making their wonderful work" (Allen).
13 - () intisitadamente It feels good, always, the day before an attack or outbreak of a morbid manifestation. It feels very good or better when constipated.
14 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: by touch, by pressure, by rubbing or scratching; to ride in a vehicle, especially in fall; of morning, evening and especially at night, before midnight , before the storms and during them; from cold (see 10) and in Winter, Summer and the warmth of the sun by the cafe (the patient does not improve if you take Psorinum cafe "[Boericke]); by fruit and milk, worse in open air (and he dislikes), and the slightest draft of air or wind, for the
movement or to start it, for walking, especially outdoors, in full moon. Improved: eating, lying down, for the heat and summer and lay members separated (not tolerated in contact).
15 - () Grand weakness for loss of vital fluids, from the slightest exertion, especially mental, for sweating, after traveling by train, when walking, talking, at dusk, after acute illness, injury without any or no apparent cause. He tires very easily. Children pale
delicate, sickly. Hereditary syphilis, and tertiary.
16 - () Flushes of heat rising, worse in the evening, as if splashed with hot water. Menopause. Sensations of heat.
Desire and aversion of PSORINUM
17 - () Desire for alcoholic drinks, beer, of acids, for cold drinks.
Aversion to pork and the potatoes.
18 - () Vertigo: headache, when walking, but in summer, the objects seem dlares around her. Periodic migraines or hemicraneas, which start on one side, usually on the left eye, extending across, with nausea, diarrhea, vertigo, preceded by black spots or rings before eyes or dim vision or blindness, are compounded by the lower air flow and better shelter and eating a headache.
Pounding or throbbing headache that occurs every 7, 14 or 21 days, or getting worse on waking in the morning, cold air or local cold, coughing, mental strain or time changes, and always hungry before or during the headache, better shelter the head or eating. Headaches eruptions appear or suppressed menses (better for a nosebleed);
or alternating with rash or cough in the winter. Pulsations as hammers to strike the brain, but every morning upon waking. Congestion and heat in the head at night or after eating, with epistaxis improving it. Eruptions on the head, especially in the occipital region: wet and ulcerated crusty,
eczema, rashes dry or wet with runny yellow, sticky and very fetida; itchy. Tina. The hair is dry, dull and clinginess, or falls into plates. White skin spots on the scalp, with white hair at that site. Aversion to have their heads uncovered. Dandruff.
19 - () Eyes glued to the morning. Swollen eyelids. Pains in the eyes, but * he right, as if about to explode or like sand, worse touch, with watering at night, or burning and fatigue when something stares or artificial light. Intense photophobia, worse walking in open air, which almost prevents you from opening the eyes: buries her face in the pillow. Chronic ophthalmia or a repetition. Black spots before the headaches or blue stars for the headaches. Blurred vision before and during headache.
Sudden blurred vision. See sparks, or shaking objects. Itching of eyelids and angles. Ectropion.
20 - () otitis with otorrhea secretion or, more to the left, bloody, yellowish or brownish, purulent and horribly offensive, smelling of rotting flesh. Chronic otorrhea old, lasting many years, from scarlet fever or measles. The child puts his fingers in the ears, especially when in pain. Feeling that something suddenly bursts into the ears, eat or swallow. Sensation of plugged ear. Hearing loss. Right ear cold, with itching. Sensation as if a valve in the ear that opens and closes. Cerumen red. Noises in the ears, ringers, roaring, crackling and buzzing. Eruptions on the ears, especially behind, crusty,
purulent, pruritic, excoriated and often humid, with very sccrecion fetida; eczema retro handset.
21 - () Hay fever or coryza spasmodic. Claire says: "Psorinum has cured more cases of hay fever in my practice than any other remedy.
"Appears regularly each year on the same day the same month, asthmatic history, psoric or eczematous. The patient should be treated the previous winter to eradicate the diathesis and prevent summer attack" (Allen). Nasal polyps. Anosmia. Coryza with chronic nasal obstruction by returning to form scabs after removal from postnasal secretion and that wakes you at night. Secretion or bloody nasal discharge, purulent, putrid odor. Red nose. Tearing up at the frontal sinuses. Eruption on his forehead.
22 - () Side-looking dirty, greasy, mostly in their foreheads bright pale yellowish sickly. Cheeks bars and hot, red face with the headache. Malar pain when playing. Swollen upper lip. Lips dry, brown or black; burning. Rough skin on the face. Crust lactea. Eruptions on face, acne, especially frontal simple or rosacea, worse during menstruation, for coffee, fats, sweets, or meat, when the well selected remedy fails or improvement or little, foul-smelling crusts, eczema. Chafing secreting vesicles and ulceration or sores at the corners. Yellow vesicles painful to touch, in the red edge of the lower lip herpes.
Perioral warts. Pain in the mandibular condyle.
23 Pyorrhea very mobile teeth. Toothache worse touch, better outdoors.
24 - () Tongue dry, white, yellow, and burnt at the tip.
Sores or ulcers of the tongue and gums. Adherent mucus in the soft palate, which must constantly arraspear and drive. Expulsion of small cheesy masses, size of peas, with bad taste and odor of carrion, or retronasal oucosidades very thick, nauseous taste or rancid cheese.
Taste sweet and sugary, foul breath, or rotten or bitter after eating or drinking, or metal. Dry mouth.
25 - () Great tendency to recurrent tonsillitis, hypertrophy of tonsils, swallowing difficult and painful, with burning, with pain as if burnt.
Severe sore throat, cutting or tearing, made out to the ears on swallowing, with drooling fetida. Dysphagia better with cold food. Throat dry tomorrow, bloating or cork.
26 - () or even increased voracious appetite, hunger especially at night, the patient is obliged to take up half the night to feed. Voracious appetite before and during headache. You hungry soon after eating, but even if you eat a lot, not gain or lose weight. Hunger without appetite. Satiety. Anorexia with constant thirst. Belching acid, or with smell and taste of rotten eggs odor that spreads to the entire room. Heartburn by drinking water or lying down. Hiccups after eating. Nausea. Vomiting or food acids. Cramps, stitches or cutting in the epigastrium.
27 liver pain worse by pressure, lying on the right, for laughing, sneezing, coughing, yawning, deep breathing and walking. Swollen belly after eating, especially frozen foods. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach or the intestines hanging. Rumbling of tomorrow. Cutting pain, cramping, whereas in females, on the pubis. Pain in the right inguinal ring.
28 - () Diarrhea sudden, urgent, worse at night, from 1 to 4 hours, urgent out of bed in the morning early, with watery stools, dark brown color and horribly offensive (almost alone at night), smelling carrion or rotten eggs or rotten or rancid cheese, chronic or acute, especially in children, in the dentition, by changes in weather or in hot weather; suppressed eruptions or after severe acute diseases.
Diarrhea is often so abrupt that loses the feces, mostly sleeping. Obstinate constipation, back pain, rectal inactivity and even with soft stools, you should go to the bathroom several times to defecate, when Sulfur fails. Constipation in children pale and enfemizos. Rectal burning or spasmodic pain. Flatus hot, smelling of rotten eggs. Painful piles, burning. Pruritus ani.
29 In cases of persistent chronic enuresis with a family history of eczema, worse at full moon. Sale prostatic fluid before urinating or a bowel movement with difficulty. Gonorrhea
cronica, years-long, which can not be waived or cured, when the well selected remedy fails, with yellowish discharge that stains the clothes.
30 - () Condylomata in repucio penis, wet, itchy and burning.
Relaxation of genitals with indifference or aversion to sexual intercourse.
Impotence with decreased or absent sexual desire, and lack of erection;
absence of ejaculation during intercourse. Satyriasis. Ulcer on the glans;
testicdos heavy and swollen. Burning at the tip of the penis to begin urination. Drawing in the testicles. Scrotum painful pustule. Hydrocele.
31 - () Irregular menstruation, late, scanty, short (sometimes lasting a few hours or one day) and slightly stained, smelling of rotten and painful. Heavy flow with clots and pieces as an intolerable smell, disgusting, putrid or carrion will be accompanied by violent sacral pain and weakness.
Disorders of menopause with hot flushes in the face, flow,
dysmenorrhea and metrorrhagia. Aversion to coition. Amenorrhea. Intolerable itching from the anus to the vagina, worse at night. Ulcers on labia.
During pregnancy, vomiting, without giving, and the fetus moves violently, "To correct psora fetus (Allen). Breasts swollen, painful, red nipples burn and itch. Breast Cancer.
32 - () Hoarseness. Tracheal or laryngeal tickling causing cough. Chronic Cough that reappears every winter, for years; by rash or scabies or eczema eruptions alternating with suppressed or, worse on waking in the morning and evening at bedtime; to speak, to touch the ear canal, the
cool and then drink something cold, with great weakness in chest and pain in the right tenth rib, with expectoration thick, greenish or yellowish or pus, or mucus streaked with blood and salty, very difficult (should cough long time until he coughed up), sometimes can not stay in bed coughing, with nausea and retching. Asthma, by eruptions in children. Stops breathing in the fresh air.
Dyspnea, especially outdoors, sitting, getting up, moving the arms and at night, improving on all or only when this acostodo, and better if lying on your back with arms stretched out and separated from the body, better traveler, with very discouraged, and think you are going to die.
Pulmonary tuberculosis. Wheezing or waking at night. Pain in the right side and behind the sternum when coughing, pain sharp or pointed edges. Contraction or sensation of heat in the thorax. Lung abscess.
Hydrothorax. Eczema in the armpits. Retrosternal sensation of ulceration.
Dry or eczema rashes on the chest.
33 - () stitches or chest pain, he thinks he will die, better lying down.
Gurgling chest, especially in bed. Pericarditis. Palpitation: with anxiety worse efforts, moving and lying on the left side, better lying on right side. Mitral regurgitation.
34 tender lymphadenopathy in the neck and neck. Neck pain and stiffness on waking, extended shoulders, better by pressure. Pain between the shoulder blades in the morning, or under the left. Pain in the second and third dorsal vertebrae in the afternoon. Low back pain worse on movement, can not walk upright, as if the third lumbar vertebrae were missing or broken.
Lumbar weakness. Back pain after an eruption deleted, with constipation.
35 - () Trembling hands and feet. Erratic and intermittent pains in the joints or limbs, better by motion. Weakness in the joints, as if dislocated. Sensation of sleeping on his left arm and tingling in the fingers, morning in bed half asleep hand and three fingers. Pain in the hips, as if dislocated, worse when walking.
tiatica walking. Paralysis in the legs. The child falls easily without cause. Pain in warm and plants as if he had walked a lot, with restlessness in the legs, in the morning, better get up. Can not bear that his legs or members touched in the bed should have them in abduction.
Tendency to bend your left foot inward when walking. Tendency to sprains. Sudden flexion of one leg. The left foot is colder than the right. Foot pain, worse at rest, gouty pain in the left.
Spasms of the toes, worse on the left big toe, to stretch or take off their shoes. Sweating in the palms of the hands, worse at night and efforts. Cold sweats and fetid feet. Warts on hands and fingers. Eruptions especially in joint areas, in the folds of the joints, especially in the elbow (scabs and eczema) and in the popliteal fossa. Itchy rashes and blisters between the fingers, dry eruptions in the finger joints. A fragile,
brittle. Ulceration of the lower limbs, deep, foul;
especially in the legs, on the tibia.
Yawning to 36 noon or evening. Sleepless from intolerable itching.
Sleepy all day, falls asleep sitting. Restless sleep. Grinds teeth sleeping. Sounds with robbers, danger, travel, or their plans and occupations.
37 - () in Spring and Summer Chills, irregular periodicity.
Pernicious malaria. Fever with delirium. Copious sweat after acute diseases, with improvement and alleviation of their sufferings. Sweats or acid putrid odor, worse at 3 am, outdoors, for the least effort and walking. Suppression of sweating disorders. Hot sweats.
38 - () Logically, the most prominent manifestations of morbid Psorinum are those of the skin. It's a dirty-looking skin (as if never washed), cracking (especially in winter), dry, dormant, which rarely transpires, rough or greasy (as bathed in oil), unhealthy, with tendency to suppuration, and an abnormal tendency to have all kinds of eruptions, which occur mainly in winter, disappearing in summer, and altering with headache, cough or asthma. The eruptions are usually itchy, worse heat of bed and bleeding from scratching, worse from washing or overheating; papules, vesicles, crusts, pustules, dirty, dry or wet with secretions intolerable smell of carrion, acne, eczema , herpes, hives, scabies, psoriasis (more in winter). Tendency to have lice.
Extremadmnente intense itching, even without eruption, not relieved by scratching, worse when in heat, but still, warmth of bed and afterthe bathing; reached desperation and have to scratch until they bleed or until the skin this raw. Ailments from suppressed eruptions or by local applications of scabies, drug or any other order.
Deep ulceration, painless, with very putrid-smelling secretion.
Sulfur Tuberculin Sepia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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