Psorinum. Homeopathy (Abridged)

Psorinum. Homeopathy

General indications of Psorinum
Inherited disorders or very old, with constant relapses. Treatment failure. Recurrent disease, incurable, clumsy, periodicals, one year or more.

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Psorinum
- Depression and feeling of intractability. Cold. Foul-smelling secretions.

- Itching and vesicular lesions, similar to scabies. Chronic dermatitis.

- Allergies and recurrent respiratory infections.

- Digestive and metabolic disorders: eat a lot and not assimilated. Foul-smelling diarrhea.

Psorinum: Worse: for cold, winter drafts and the suppression of an eruption.

Psorinum: Enhancement: Heat but skin, eating, lying down, before a crisis.

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