Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Pyrogen, Quassia, Quebracho. Homeopathy

Psorinum (Psorinum-Nosode)
Lack of reaction. Enferemedades chronic skin as acne, eczema, seborrhea and itching.

Pulsatilla (pulsed)
Venous stasis. Erythema. Sinusitis. Cutis marmorata. Amenorrhea. Headache. Erratic affections (worse before menstruation). Drug mucosa. Vicars favors regressive. Varicose affections. Edema of the leg. Tendency to have cold feet. Neuralgic pains. Vertigo. Secretions thick, smooth and greenish yellow. Conjunctivitis. Rhinitis. Dyspepsia. Bloat. Delay of menstruation. Constitutional remedy. Heartburn. Gastrointestinal colic. Muscle and joint rheumatism. Keynotes cry. Women depressed and anxious.

Pyrogen (Pyrogen-Nosode)
Suppuration. Septic state. Whitlow. Bedsores. Avian gastrointestinal complications. Cholecystitis. Nephritis. Edema.

Quassia amara (Quassia bitter)
Liver disease. Gallbladder disease. Pancreatopatias.

Quebracho (quebracho)
Bronchitis. Catarrh of smokers. Bronchial asthma. Emphysema.

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