Ptelea. Homeopathy

(P. trifoliata. Olmo three leaves)
1 Content after eating, depressed an hour later. Depressed, anxious, not wanting any work, neither mentally nor physically. Dazed, confused, can not fix the attention. Low memory for names and things.
2 irritable, nervous, embarrassed. Startled by noises.
3 - () Worst: Morning on waking in the heat, lying on left side in a warm room, after sleeping, after eating, eating cheese or butter; after noon, walking, talking, for efforts mental before, during and after stool. Better: lying down on the right side outdoor or cold, after eating sour things; of morning and evening. Right side.
4 weak, tired. Feeling of faintness.
Desire and aversion of PTELEOS
5 - () Desire for acids. Aversion to meat, butter and fats.
6 - () Vertigo worse by a sudden movement by the effort of stooping, turning his head, walking or getting out, better for slow moving or tilting the head down and closing his eyes. Severe headache, worse from mental exertion, coughing, by motion, by moving the eyes and a warm room. Headache on waking hungry, the better for breakfast. Pain from the forehead to the root of the nose, pressing from the inside out. Frontal headache, worse at night, noise and movement, and rubbing his eyes with acid. Feel pressured the two temples. Waves of heat and pain at the vertex. Feel the enlarged head.
7 Ojos heavy. Pressure and pain over his eyes, raising his eyebrows.
8 retroauricular pain. Intolerance to hear loud talking and the sounds will live long in the ears. Hey roars and chants.
9 Sneezing with nasal obstruction, burning and irritation when passing the inspired air.
10 Face pale yellowish, sickly. Pain in right malar. Shocks in the upper lip, extending to the left eye. Lips dry, cracked, sore.
11 - () Pain in the teeth, with sensation of lengthening. Tongue swollen, yellow or yellow-brown or white, dry, with burning sensation, with prominent red papillae. Inflammation of the soft palate and uvula, with hot breath. Dry mouth. Profuse salivation, taste bitter or salty, dripping when lying face down. In the morning, everything is taste and foul odor. When he awoke, unable to speak for a while.
12 Sore throat and sore, worse on the right and after noon.
Burning pain in the tonsils before rising. Dryness, heat and constriction in the throat, dryness, heat and uncomfortable sensation of emptiness in cl esophagus.
13 - () Ravenous hunger; tired before you finish eating. Very thirsty or no thirst. Belching bitter, sour or rotten egg smell. Hypo to 15 hours. Severe, persistent nausea, with headache, with fever, worse lying down, talking or singing. Vomiting not improve it. Burning and gastric acidity, with feeling of languor. Weight, fullness and swelling in the stomach, waking him at 1. Pressure as from a stone in the epigastric hollow. Epigastric pain worse for some cheese. Diafraama pain worse when speaking. Sensation of sand in the stomach. All stomach symptoms are worse in morning. Feel empty stomach after eating. Gastric and hepatic symptoms associated with pain in the limbs.
14 - () Weight and drawing in the right upper quadrant or in the liver, worse when walking, standing, sitting upright or lying on the left side and better bending forward. Congestion hepatica liver swollen and tender with the slightest touch, with pains that are worse lying on left side and lying on the right. Stitches in the liver. Cutting pains in the spleen. Pulsation in the navel. Rumbling, involuntary flatus.
Heat waves in the womb. Feel the abdomen hollow, empty. Pain and discomfort in the hypogastric and English.
15 Burning rectal expulsion after hard stools or diarrhea, or tenesmus and itching. Diarrhea dark and sulphurous smell, or odor of corpses surrounded by mucus or stool, or black and in pieces. Ascariasis. Constipation with constant desire to defecate.
16 Heat in the prostate. Burning urethra. Polyuria. Urine sediment with abundant white, black or reddish yellow; phosphates.
17 Pulsation in the glans and pubic at night in bed. Greatly increased sexual desire, later abrogated.
18 - () Hoarseness, can not speak aloud. Foreign body sensation in the larynx, before rising in the morning. When your symptoms improve hepatic and gastric appears dyspnea. Asthma after the disappearance of an eruption. Stitches in the lungs. Sensitivity of the sternum. Pain behind or under the breasts. Sensation of pressure in the lungs, suffocation, when lying on his back.
19 intense precordial pain as cramps. Pulse rapid, full, hard and tense.
20 pains in the neck. Stiff neck, worse on movement. Cramp-like pains in the sacrum when walking.
21 Rheumatic pains in limbs, fatigue. Stitches on the shoulders and hips. Nervous trembling hands. Left arm pain alternating with others in the left eye. Hands numb with cold feet. Weakness in the legs. Pain in right hip and thigh. Throbbing in the buttocks. Pinching in the knee and left heel.
Constant sleepiness with yawning 22. Sounds with armed pelels, dead animals, food (and wakes up hungry).
23 Chills with hot head and chattering teeth, for the stufa heat. A cold streak running up and down the column. Fever with pain in the limbs and nausea. Dry heat throughout the body, worse on the palms. Cheeks burning and heat waves. Sweating all night waking abundant in forehead.
24 Red skin dry, parched. Intense itching all over.
Vesicles. Red spots. Desquamation.
Psorinum, Bryonia

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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