Pulsatilla. Homeopathy

Pulsatilla (P. Nigricans or Pratensis. Anemona de los Prados)

1 - () has a very special way of being, a feature that makes it (along with Phosphorus) the most pleasant of patients: it is extremely soft, sweet, submissive, docile, gentle, shy (see 3) and affectionate, but rather than a giver, a receiver or form of affection, love and consolation, that she obtains with ease from those around him through his special way of being, there is a constant need of pampering, "children who never tire demonstrations of warmth "(Foubister).

2 - () crying very easy or unintentional, that can not hold, soft and can not discuss their symptoms or discomfort not mourn, "cries for everything, whether happy or sad, or crying without apparent cause, or with unusual frequency, grieving to see sifr or mourn for others, be they human beings or animals, and even though they are strangers. Cry more before and during menstruation, while nursing, during the chills, fever or sweating; when disturbed or interrupted in their work, with the pain, and at night and sleeping. Her crying and improved comfort when outdoors or walking outdoors. Easily, by way of being so variable, you can go from tears to laughter and back.

3 - () It is extremely shy and blushes very easily, has, therefore, a strong tendency to hide. This mode of being concealed a marked lack of confidence in mime, which also makes undecided (worse at dusk), cowardly, fearful, makes him acutely experience the feeling of being abandoned, homeless, neglected or rejected. Is very sensitive and suspicious, and is easily offended. Very introspective, introverted, generally has an aversion to the company (but during fever), but also the desire. Sometimes this sitting hours or days without talking or no answer, seemingly lost in thought. Misantropia.

4 - () His temperament, his personality is quite variable or changeable, or alternate or contradictory, both mentally and physically.

5 - () is full of fears, especially after dark, in the dusk and night, to darkness (and the worst in the dark), ghosts (over night), lose the right; to death, disease, people, men, women, in the crowd to be alone (the company prefers) to work, to misfortune, disaster, on awakening. Anxiety: the evening in bed, with distress and anxiety, you must uncover and at night, on waking, before midnight, in bed during the chills (or chills) and the fever to go to sleep with fear inside of the house as if in a hot air about his future and his health, for the salvation of his soul with guilt; better outdoors, motion, and walking outdoors. Anxiety suicide. Restlessness at night, anxious, turns in bed by the heat of the bed during the fever during menstruation.

6 - () Sadness: the morning or evening, before and during menstruation, in a warm room, when you think about their occupations or businesses (who dislikes them), after dinner, with chills, after a epistaxis, after an ejaculation, this state of depression presents a notable improvement outdoors, especially walking or walking slowly.
Disorders sorrows sorrow silent inconsolable. Discontent, however, disgusted, disheartened, worse on waking. Is regretted. Tired of life. Silent, worse during fever. Thoughts of suicide, drowning, suicide thoughts, often associated with feelings of guilt and self-reproach. Guilt, worse in evening, night or waking up.

7 - () A very prominent feature of Pulsatilla is related with religion and sex: religious affections mental is always praying, because he has serious doubts about the salvation of his soul in the afterlife, making it despair and causes great anxiety. This usually is in relation to guilt sex-linked, hence there is a religious aversion to the opposite sex, which leads him to "refrain from sexual contact with his wife" (Kent), the single bachelor or intolerant the idea of marrying; aversion to women, fear of men. Mental symptoms from sexual excesses. Nymphomania. Lust.

8 - () Despite its sweetness, may have very significant negative mental aspects of jealousy, envy, greed, kleptomania, hatred (women, in men), how to be repulsive, whims, selfishness.

9 - () Disorders of emotional origin: in advance, by anger or vexation, with anxiety or fright, from fright (and are easily frightened), for penalties, for mortification, for joy excesses; by bad news, for ECEPTION or frustrations; by jealousy, concern for domestic issues. Nostalgia.

10 - () Has difficulty concentrating, thinking and belief, during fever or in a warm room, worse mental efforts that state, and hence their aversion to mental work, aversion to physical labor lying (indolent). Mental strain mental confusion, waking and movement, <after eating or in a warm room and better when walking outdoors. Conversely, there may be plenty of thought and clarity of mind, especially in the evening in bed. In more pronounced degrees of intellectual disturbance, there may be a marked andiferencia, pleasure, business and during fever. Unconsciousness, temporary or not, especially after noon and a warm room or crowded, or during fever or in childbirth. Absent.
Imbecility. Poor memory for words, is wrong to talk.

11 - () Hallucinations: as if someone was in bed with, or as if a naked man get into bed with her. Go bees, hell, fire, people, visions horrible to ignore. He believes that he is pursued by enemies. Delirium: at night, furious, with drowsiness. Manic states or suppression of menstruation and during menopause. Erotica or puerperal insanity.

12 - () during sleep: cry, talk, complains, starts.

13 - () Irritable if they contradict, on awakening in the morning or at dusk, after dinner, during the chills. Moody. Complainer, grumbler, especially during fever or heat. Impatient, but with the fever.
Hurry or slow. Excitation, worse in evening and night. Hypersensitivity: in children, during fever; to noise.
14 Other mental characteristics: very meticulous and detail over trifles Laughs or speaks nonsense in a fixed erratic ideas or thoughts or erratic.

15 - () marked aggravation from warmth, especially in a warm room, worse from warmth of bed, the air hot, warm winter wool by the sun (which actually represents warmth, and even in winter), in summer, when heated by an activity or effort, or even by eating hot foods, not only the magnitude, but it will produce a strong sensation of heat. And, by contrast, is better when it cools. But in sharp contrast with his warm, is a patient who frequently has no fever or chills pooches, accompanied many of their symptoms, or even without them.

16 - () has a great desire for outdoor, moreover, markedly improved their symptoms or any discomfort. For the same reason, always feels sick or in a crowded room or closed.

17 - () One of the key symptoms is also great absence of thirst with almost all his troubles, and even during fever. Pulsatilla can hardly be prescribed to a thirsty man.

18 - () United contradictory, alternating. But above all, is very characteristic of extreme variability of their symptoms, everything is changing, everything is variable. This very well for an hour, and poorly the next hour. No two chills, or two stools and two attacks alike.

19 - () methods have marked. Much of their disorders are better walking, especially if you do it slowly, walking, and even better if you do outdoors. In contrast, the worst to start walking, walking fast or running. These characteristics are directly related to his aggravation at the start of the movement, its improvement in continuing and, in general, their improvement by the movement, especially of the part. His peculiar way of reacting to the movement comes from its tendency to passive congestion or venous, the false plethora (patients are often
by their appearance and color (usually violet) do not seem sick), the stretching of blood vessels, especially venous, and venous circulation accelerates movement of relief. For the same reason, is worse lying down, and hurt or you duernwn parties on supporting and
moreover, this worst sitting or standing.

20 - () Modalities dietary aggravation is the classical (or onset of symptoms) by fat in general, creams, butter, pork, heavy meals, bread and butter, ice cream and ice cream, frozen foods, pastries, pancakes, and also bread, fruit, onions and ice.

21 - () Modalities time of appearance or aggravation of symptoms: the evening (first part of the night) or on alternate evenings, in the twilight of the morning, especially on waking after noon, at night, or night medium; before midnight.

22 - () The pains of Pulsatilla, preferably drawing or tearing, are essentially changing (intensity vary or disappear and reappear from one hour to the next) and erratic, jumping quickly from one place to another, and accompanied by hounds or constant chills without fever ( "the stronger the pain, the stronger the chills") (Nash, Allen). The pains come on suddenly and gradually disappear or, conversely, increase more and more until he became very acute, and are interrupted or end suddenly or abruptly; made worse when you start moving and the heat, and better if we continue moving slowly .

23 - () All discharges and discharges from the mucous membranes are smooth, soft, non-irritant (except sometimes the flow), thick and yellow or green (see Individuals); offensive.

24 - () In cases where "the first serious impairment of health is referred to puberty or starts with it, or was" never well since ";" anemia, chlorosis, bronchitis, tuberculosis (Allen; Clarke). In blondes rosy complexion, blue eyes and looks healthy. Especially in diseases of women and children. Women with a tendency to obesity, with scanty menses and prolonged.

25 - () Other types of Pulsatilla: Worse lying on left side by pressure on painless side or lying on that side of position changes, for changes in weather, worse fjio to heat by the wind; after eating (worse until satisfied) before and during menstruation, by friction or rubbing, for the snuff, to vomit, to begin the sleep or sleeping and waking, in rest, by touch, before the storms; violent motion; by tight clothing (must loosen); to be much sitting up, getting wet (especially the feet); by rain at the low atmospheric pressure, for moisture. Better: for bathing (especially the affected part); lying on her back (and better with my head high), by the rhythmic motion, slow, smooth and continuous, the open air by cold applications or local or cold room, or cold drinks or foods, for festaparse. Right side. Disorders of one side: fever, skin hot, chills, sweats. Presenting symptoms by getting better lying on his back side or standing, and vice versa.

26 - () distention of blood vessels, fever and worse during the evening.
Dilated veins, varicose, with sharp pain; in pregnancy.

27 - () Fainting in a closed room, hot and crowded, and during childbirth or pregnancy, for toothache. Seizures suppressed menses.

28 - () Disorders deletions: of menstruation, breast milk, rashes, discharges from mucous membranes (ears, nose, etc..) And a gonorrhea.

29 - () One of the main drugs of measles and its aftermath, and "as a prophylactic against measles, Pulsatilla has a reputation almost equal to that of Belladonna against scarlet fever: I usually give Pulsatilla 3a, three times per day" ( Clarke).

30 - () pulsation or throbbing sensations throughout the body, worse during moviento; of hollowness or emptiness, of enlarged parts, band or bandage; of buzz, of swelling, numbness on affected areas or sites.

31 - () It feels weak: in the morning in bed, waking, lying down, in a warm room; by mental efforts. It stretches before you urinate.

32 - () Other general features: Orgasm Blood Thinning of emotions after the parties concerned Osteitis; oseos.Traumatismos pains.

Desire and aversion of Pulsatilla

33 - () I want: food and cold drinks, alcohol, beer, soft things, of acids, wants something and does not know that; herring; of lemonade.
34 - () Aversion: the butter, grease, to beverages and hot foods, bread, milk, meat, pork, to snuff; the water.

35 - () Vertigo: the morning on rising, forcing him to lie down again, need to lie, at dusk, after dinner, as if intoxicated, lifting weights, looking upwards, during menstruation or menstrual suppression ; when sitting or rising from a chair, stooping, walking outdoors (though it is improving), with nausea, headaches and fainting spells, objects seem far away. Congestion headaches in a warm room, or heat in the head. Fullness in head, better walking outdoors. Heaviness cephalic stooping. Suda one side of the head. Keystrokes front worse during menstruation and shelter the head, better outdoors. Headaches that occur or become worse: blowing, after dinner, but if their fill or fatty foods, for ice cream, hot drinks from emotion, after a fright, to look upwards, from suppressed menses or the end of the menstruation, mental strain, by running, by standing; in summer or by exposure to the sun in a warm room, by wrapping his head in basements, walk fast. The headaches improve outdoor walking slowly and the external rresion. Headaches in girls schools. Hemicrania occipital or supraorbital. Bursting front, worse heat, better outdoors and a tight bandage. Neuralgia starting in right temple, tearing, burning with the same side. Pressure on vertex. Congestive headache with tearing pains in the temples are located on lying down. The headaches are extended to the eyes.

36 - () ocular secretions thick, heavy, yellow, or purulent, and non-irritating. Acute inflammation of the eyes, or blue from cold, or blennorrhagic, better by cold and outdoors. Acute conjunctivitis, worse warmth of bed or a fire. Ophthalmia neonatorum. Secretion in the corner of the eye, worse tomorrow, for inflammation of the sac, lacrimal gland and canal, and swelling of the sac. Fistula oozing tear, especially when pressed. Eyelids inflamed, swollen, agglutinated.
Dryness of eyes in a warm room. Itching of the eyelids, especially at the edges, but in the evening, better outdoors. Tearing in the morning, cold air, or wind, or by coughing. Tendency to styes, especially in the upper eyelid. Sunken eyes. Incipient cataracts.
Burning pain in the eyes, itching, worse in a warm room, better in the open air often need rubbing. Arcus. He sees a colored halo around the light. Vision turbid by heat or during fever strain, by getting hot after an effort, on entering a warm room or walking fast in the evening. Blurred vision, better, rubbing his eyes. Temporary blindness during menstruation. Myopia. Amaurosis.

37 - () catarrh and inflammation of the Eustachian tube, with hearing loss.
Hearing loss after taking cold or after measles or scarlet fever.
Purulent discharge from the ear, yellow or greenish yellow, thick, non-irritating, usually after measles or scarlet fever or as a sequel to another disease or in acute otitis. Auricular meatus red, itching in the ear. Otitis media, especially in children; sensation of plugged ear.
Earache right but worse at night, better by cold applications, pressing outwards, as if something pressed out, by taking fro, blowing in a warm room; are tearing or stitching, and madden. Keystrokes night in the ears. Hey rings, roars or exhaust noises synchronous with the pulse. Cerumen black, hardened.

38 - () nasal catarrh better outdoors. Acute coryza with constant chills, loss of taste and smell with your nose dry and stopped flowing evening and tomorrow, always worse in a warm room and better outdoors. Mild nasal discharge or burning, green or yellow-green, yellow of morning and evening; fetida, thick, watery outdoors, or large greenish fetid crusts. Disorders suppression of nasal secretion. Nasal obstruction in the evening or in a warm room, with sneezing. You smell rotten ozena. Anosmia. Ulceration of the nostrils. Epistaxis from menstrual suppression; the morning, thick black blood. Pressing pain in the root of the nose, nasal bones aching. Ee coryza hay. Crusty eruptions on and inside the nose.

39 - () dry lips (they are often wet), the less swollen, and cracked in the middle. Mumps with metastases to breasts or testicles, it's the most important drug mumps orchitis. Suda on one side of the face, foul smelling. Right facial neuralgia, erratic, worse in a warm room or overheated after walking, the better for local cold, with profuse watery and chills; extended to the ears, from dusk until midnight.

40 - () Dry mouth without thirst, but of tomorrow, tongue dry in the morning upon awakening, without thirst, with mucus and saliva, cotton, foul breath and bad taste. Putrid odor from the mouth of the morning. Feeling of having very broad language. Yellow or white tongue, covered with very sticky mucus.
Bitter taste: Morning or evening, while eating and then, after swallowing food, smoking and after. Taste of clay viscous; of burning, nauseous in the morning, smoking, a rotten, like rotten meat, sweet. Absence of taste, the food has no taste, especially during coryza, or are bitter or ugly, especially the bread. Taste oily. Saliva sweet.

41 - () Pain in the teeth as if nerves were stretched, or as if they will stretch more and then, suddenly, he released them, or pointed in amenorrhea. Occur or become worse in the evening and night, in bed, gritting his teeth, in children, to take coffee, lying down, chewing, before and during menstruation or at the beginning and end of pregnancy, touching the teeth and heat stress in all forms: hot meals and beverages and by external heat or bed or a room. Relieved by cold air or placed in their mouth, or open air, cold water in the mouth, by pressure, walking outdoors and cold washing. With puffy face, tears and chills.

42 - () is choking on swallowing, especially solids. Dry throat on waking in the morning. Mucus from morning to night.

43 - () Disorders Gastric ingestion of fats and ice cream for ice cream and pork indigestion. Belching with the taste of food, even long after eating, at night, after eating, especially butter or fat, bitter night, gag, with tallow taste stale or rotten meat;
regurgitation. Nausea: from eating pork (or even see him or think of);
after eating, coughing, for drinking, for ice cream from suppressed menses, hot drinks, with arcades. Sed at 14 hours and before or after the chills. No thirst accompanies most of his trouble. Vomiting: during the headache, bilious; of food eaten long before, mucosal; acids. Gastralgias: at dusk, during the chills, after eating, especially fatty foods, worse by hot food. Epigastric pain, as from subcutaneous ulceration. Acidity.
Dyspepsia with great distention after eating, must loosen clothing.
Gastralgia an hour after eating. Feeling of emptiness or gastric languor in tea drinkers. Weight like a stone in the stomach in the morning to eespertar or after dinner. Visible pulsations in the epigastrium.

44 - () Cold in the stomach after eating. Feeling of constriction in the belly, as extended to the bladder empty feeling better by pressure.
Premenstrual heaviness in the belly, sensation of having a stone. Movements before bowel movements. Gurgling and rumbling in the abdomen in the evening.
Stomach pains: at dusk, you need to bend, because it better, before or during menstruation, before moving the belly spread to the genitals, drawing mainly through the spermatic cord, the testicles; Paroxysmal hypogastrium, during menstruation. Pressing pains downward, outward, toward the genitals, as if to come to or during menstruation. Colicos with gurgling in the upper belly at dusk, with chills.

45 - () Desires ineffective bowel movements. Diarrhea or alone at night especially, for the slightest slip in food, for fruits, for cold drinks or ice cream for pastry, during and after menstruation, after becoming warm, worse in a warm room, better outdoor .
The stools are very changeable, no two stools alike, not in consistency or color, can be watery, like scrambled eggs, acrid, greenish, white, slimy, greenish yellow. Dysentery with bloody mucus, and chills. Very fetid flatus, which some relief. Hemorrhoids intense itching and pain, worse lying down and dusk.

46 - () cystitis bladder with paroxysmal pain, with frequent ineffectual desire to urinate, especially when there is suppression memtrual or before menstruation, can not lie on your back without the occurrence of an urgent need to urinate have to hurry because if not, urine, with dysuria and urination drip. Frequent urination by exposure to cold and moisture. Interrupted urination and dashes in prostate hypertrophy, with cutting to each trickle out. Urgency. Acute retention of urine and painful, in newborns or by taking cold, or in children every time they cold or after childbirth or prostate hypertrophy, with dribbling and involuntary sensation of fullness in the bladder. Burning at the urethral meatus during and after urination. Urinary incontinence, involuntary urination at night (enuresis), coughing or sneezing, sitting, walking, to flatus, if you hold the desire to urinate and in pregnancy. After urinating, spasmodic pain in the bladder. Hematuria; the end of urination; sediment bloody red mucous. Dark urine.
Enlarged prostate, prostatitis, pressing pain in the prostate after urination. Tightness, contraction or urethral bleeding after a gonorrhea. Gonorrhea acute urethral pain burning, cutting or piercing during and after urination, with thick yellow-green secretion with priapism, or mucosanguinolenta or yellowish, non-irritating, sometimes fetida. Chronic yellow urethral discharge. Urethral pain after urination.

47 - () corditis Orchitis and epididymitis and acute right or left, by suppression of gonorrhea or metastasis or as a complication of mumps or contusion, with burning pain (without swelling), pressing or tearing in the testes and spermatic cord that get worse at night or sitting or retracted, swollen testicles and scrotum red and relaxed with great sensitivity to touch. Tubercles in the testis. Painful erections. Increased sexual desire, disorders are withdrawn. Hydrocele in children. Scrotum relaxed.

48 - () Tendency to abortion by uterine atony. Increased sexual desire, but during menstruation. Flow acrid, excoriating, burning, creamy or milky, aqueous blennorrhagica, the flux is only lying down.
Menses late, scanty and short, which appear only during the day, stopping often at night, or intermittent, stop a day and coming back, very changeable in appearance and color, black or dark, clotted, thick, long. The first menstruation occurs late in the girls.
Irregular menses with chills and shivering in the feet.
Dysmenorrhoea before and during menstruation, with paroxysmal pain and erratic that they mourn, as labor-like cramping, or bearing down, worse lying down and enhance walk outdoors and local cold, sometimes wet feet . Withdrawal bleeding or amenorrhea by taking cold in the feet or mojarselos, or anemia. Metrorrhagia in paroxysms.
Soreness in the uterus during intercourse. Labor pains spasmodic, irregular and ineffective, or weak, coming to an end, or that go upwards, no two alike contractions. False labor pains. There may be contractions hourglass. Wrongs, to nurse the child worse. Retained placenta. Subinvolution uterus. Lochia scanty or suppressed. Increased in the breast milk, or disappearing in breastfeeding women with breasts swollen, sometimes by taking cold, milk in the breasts of nonpregnant women, or at puberty, or during menstruation. Suppression of milk. Watery milk.

49 - () Sense of dust or sulfur in the larynx. Laryngitis by overheat. Hoarseness capricious. Itching or tingling in larynx and trachea. Asthma worse in the evening and night, in children, suppressed eruptions. Dyspnea: from suppressed menstruation, for measles deleted as if inhaled fumes of sulfur, worse after eating, walking fast or in a warm room or lying on side; better outdoors, you need the doors and windows open. Wheezing or rattling, worst in the dream. Tosseca the evening and night, with expectoration only in morning, spasmodic cough, constant, violent solocativa; appears or worsens when breathing deeply, dryness or the feeling of sulfur fumes or dust in the larynx, overheat or in a warm room, to inspire, by laryngeal irritation or tickling or when lying in bed at night (you need to stand up and sit up in bed to relieve), after a measles; better outdoors and breathing deeply. Cough with violent efforts; exhausting night, preventing sleep. Cough with mucus in the chest. The cough can be accompanied by headache, lacrimation, epistaxis, nausea, retching and vomiting, stomach pain, urinary incontinence, chills, chest pains and and crying.
Expectoration only in morning or day on rising, difficult, bloody, greenish or yellowish morning, taste bitter, cold, old, or greasy, gag, salty, sticky. Anxiety in the chest in the evening and at night and when lying on left side.
Sensation of fullness in the evening and during menstruation. Hemoptysis after a menstrual suppression. Bronchitis, pneumonia following a menstrual suppression. Chest tightness in the evening, better outdoors.
Pulsations in the chest that disrupt sleep, worse at night.
Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis, acute or in the last stage. Chest pain, worse during coughing, better bending forward; erratic stitches. Pain under the clavicle.

50 - () intense feeling of fullness in the heart in the evening; oppression.
Palpitations tumultuous, violent, worse at night in bed, especially in bed and, worse, on the left, or fever during or after eating (especially dinner); with precordial anxiety and dyspnea.

51 - () Hot on the back in the evening, as if splashed with cold water down, feel chills in the sacrum. Back pain: for the chills, ocipucio and extended toward the vertex; in childbirth from suppressed menses, worse at the start of movement or rising from a sitting or crouching, and worse if you were sitting a long time (it is almost impossible standing) or squat, better for smooth motion, is driven to move, but not relieved. Pain as efforts, worse lying on his back, better on one side. Low back pain during menstruation and rising from sitting, as labor pains. Sacral pain, moving better, especially if the movement is slow. Constricting pain that cuts back the repair. Pain in the sacrum and lower back, as in childbirth, during menstruation. Back pain as if dislocated, moving.

52 - () venous congestion of limbs, hands red or cyanotic, dilated veins in their hands. Varicose veins of lower limbs, especially legs and feet, bluish, swollen, inflamed, with sharp lancinating or pinching, hot to the touch, with itching and burning of skin, often this violacea or reddish or marble. Phlebitis, especially in women, with chills without fever (even in a warm room) or fever with no thirst. Painful varicose veins and phlebitis in pregnancy, pains are ameliorated by local cold. Chilblains swollen and painful, localized especially in the hands, itching aggravated by warmth and the evening in the fingers, feet (colored purple) and toes, and ears, as if frozen, the pains and itching do mourn. Cold feet by mental efforts.
Thinning of the sick member. Felon pains are ameliorated by local cold. Burning heat in the feet and plants, uncovered in bed, or a tendency to uncover them. Bromhidrosis feet, cold sweats.
You sleep: the upper limb on this lying, hands and Sies during the chills, the legs during menstruation.
Joints red. Arthritis of the knee walking knee stiffness, and swelling warm, and painful or painless, swollen feet, with punctures.
Tremors in feet. Ulceration burning mottled deep offensive and lower limbs. Pains in the limbs, rheumatic, paroxysmal, and erratic jumping of a joint or site to another, which are aggravated by the heat and get moving, and relieved by movement, by the local cold outdoors. Bone pain, joint, to the morning in bed,
erratic and aggravated by heat. Muscle aches, twitching, worse at night, forcing the patient to change places, with chills and insomnia, pain worse if the member hangs. Sciatica worse in a warm room, better outdoors. Hip pain as if dislocated, better walking.
Thigh pain in the evening, better by motion. Terebrante heel pain in the evening. Heavy legs. Red and swollen feet. Nervousness or restlessness in the ankles.

53 - () Dreams anxious, worse lying on left side or after a mortification; nice.

Puerperal fever. Measles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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