Pulsatilla. Homeopathy (summary)

Pulsatilla (Wind Flower. Plant family of the Ranunculaceae).

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Pulsatilla
1 .- catarrhal manifestations, especially of the upper airways, with
thick secretions, yellow-green, abundant and non-irritant (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, otitis, bronchitis).

2 .- Circulatory Manifestations venous (venous congestion in the limbs, lower limbs varicose veins, chilblains, Raynaud's syndrome)

3 .- Digestive with belching, nausea, vomiting, mostly as a consequence of the ingestion of fatty foods.

4 .- Sulfur often associated with respiratory manifestations Iodatum on repeat offenders and in the final phase of acute conditions, to accelerate convalescence.

5 .- Let us feel Genitalia: rules delayed or not very abundant, dysmenorrhea, vaginal discharge thick yellow, slightly irritating, unlike other mucosal spills: orchitis, oophoritis consecutive to mumps.

General symptoms of Pulsatilla: Variability of humor, better comfort, timidity and dependence. Indicated especially young girls, light-skinned, shy, melancholic, crying easily, and seek comfort, with a tendency to venous stasis and to manifestations of the upper airways.

Desire for sweets, which can aggravate.

Pulsatilla: Aggravation: moisture, in a warm room, with fatty foods, with the rest, in the afternoon, before and during menses.

Pulsatilla: Amelioration: outdoors, with moderate exercise, for sympathy and consolation.

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