Pulsatilla nuttaliana. Homeopathy

(American Pulsatilla. Anemone ludoviciana)
1 - () Sad, depressed, belching. Nostalgia, discouragement. Stunned, unwilling to work.
2 Irritable; with quick movements, nervous. Anxiety; night.
3 Down: coming from the open to the room after dinner, at night, from heat; for reading, walking, urinating. Best: walking outdoors, rubbing; by scratching.
4 Great weakness on rising and at dusk, with tremors. Languor.
5 - () Dolores erratic.
6 Dizziness upon entering a room, from the air; suddenly after noon. Frontal headache on waking in the morning or, better by exercising. Wandering pains in the head and feet. Headache over left eye, as if you drive a nail, over the right eye, of late, worse in a warm room, better walking outdoors. Pain pierced his temples. Pulsation or throbbing in the vertex. Heat and fullness in the occiput.
7 copious secretion of the eyes, mucous, white or yellowish, non-irritating.
Tearing copious deep and dull pain in his eyes, extended to the malar. Neuralgia, worse in the right eye when walking. Eyelids glued, edges red, itchy, dry. Edema in the left upper eyelid.
Paralysis of the eyelids. Twitching in the eyelids, worse reading. Dryness and burning eyes.
8 Dolores drawing along the right Eustachian tube, in the ears, inside out. Acute otalgia right. Feel your ears plugged.
Popping noise in the ears. Deafness, with left upper eyelid edema.
9 Heat and dryness in the nose.
10 Face red, hot, passionate, but after eating. Dry lips.
Painful drawing in the malar and mandible.
11 Languages: pasty white rising, or red, dry and swollen, with teeth impressions, or yellow in the center, unusually red after eating. Fetid breath, and for others; after dinner. Dry mouth. Burning in the soft palate. Sialorrhea. Taste bitter, sweet or sour, ugly.
12 Frequent tendency to cough. Throat dry and burning on waking, with mucus thick and difficult to expel. Sensation of a plug at the bottom of the throat.
13 Gran hunger, returning soon after eating. Anorexia. Thirst for cold water or liquids. Belching acid, hot, or regurgitation of food without taste. Nausea and gastric languor upon entering the house.
Gastric fullness. Acidity. Vacuum and pressure pain in the stomach. Vacuum or defecate after eating. Heaviness and gastric pressure, after dinner, with languor. Gastralgias sharp or as if needles pierced. Heat, burning and stinging in my stomach.
14 Dull pains in the hypochondria, in whole belly in fits in hypogastrium. Umbilical pain. Rumbling going up and down in the womb. Belly pain points, worse by motion. Colicos eating a ripe pear. Pain in left groin.
15 sense of urgency to defecate. Sudden attack of diarrhea when he rides. Dark and liquid stools, watery, yellowish, painless, dry and hard. Constipation.
Urethral pain on urination 16. Frequency. Urgency, with trouble in the kidneys. Urine: pale, with albumin, skunk odor, 17 Erection annoying. Penis pain on waking, worse when urinating. Intense stinging pains in the left spermatic cord and testicles. Dull pains in the testicles, but on the right.
18 points across the uterus from side to side. Copious, painless, non-irritating, with great depression. Feeling that menstruation occurs. Menses early and copious.
Constant cough 19. Sore spot in the upper trachea. Sharp, cutting pains in the pectoralis major, followed by burning and local discomfort. Chest pain after noon. Pruritic plaques in the right breast, on the right side of the chest.
Audible heart 20 beats. Tachycardia.
21 stiffness in the left neck, morning. Back pain, often on waking. Lumbago. Lumbar weakness.
22 pains in its members wake up. Wandering pains in the hands, feet and toes. Rheumatism in his right shoulder. Pain in the right arm. Muscle stiffness and fingers. Pain in wrist and fingers.
Hands dry and warm all day. Sciatica. Sartorius muscle twitching in the left when walking. Rheumatic pain in the knees, worse on the left.
Heavy legs when walking, trembling with weakness. Cramps. Pains in the ankles. Very restless feet, worse at night. Dark red rash and itching, worse at night, ankles and legs. Feet very cold at night.
Sleepy 23. Insomnia from eating too much. Restless sleep.
24 Chills with yawns. Fever, heat, weakness, skin warm and limp, cool wind better. Hot face with hot hands and cold feet.
25 Intense itching all over the skin, worse at night before bed, worse cold air, better rubbing; reappears several times in the winter.
Pimples that itch intensely, worse at night and overheated. Erythema.
Red rashes.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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