Pyrogen. Homeopathy

(Pirexin. Sepsin. Product obtained by the decomposition of lean beef meat, chopped, water, and placed in the sun two or three weeks)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Pyrogen
1 - () Hallucinations: see a man at the foot of the bed (especially when you close you eyes *), has the feeling that is very rich, you feel your body covers the entire bed, knows that his head is on the pillow but does not know where their limbs; feel as if I lay on one side, were a person, and lying on the other hand, were another person, feel like you have lots of arms and legs, feel that the bed is too hard .
2 - () Great loquacity, but during the fever, talk and think faster than usual. Whispers, whispers, and even in dreams.
3 - () Grand inqquietud (see 6). Anxiety, distress.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Pyrogen
4 - () One of the major drugs for sepsis, severe septicopiohemias pyaemia and, of puerperal or surgical origin, or disorders ptomaine or sewer gas poisoning or injury by dissection, in diphtheria or typhoid or forms tify any serious infectious disease. "When drugs fail to elect either relieve or permanently improve (Allen). Aftermath of previous septic ending in abscesses. When relapses occur in the course of an infectious disease after a transient improvement, and despite the best chosen remedies. When these serious paintings are accompanied by the following characteristics (see 5, 6, 7 and 15).
5 - () Pulse disproportionately faster in relation to temperature, which habituahnente is moderate but can be high. There is a true dissociation between pulse and fever.
6 - () prostration with severe agitation or restlessness, can not be more than a few minutes in one position, needs to move constantly to relieve pain, because she feels very sore and bruised body parts that support the bed and furthermore , the bed seems too hard. There is a marked tendency to the rapid formation of pressure ulcers.
7 - () or putrid smell corpses, carcasses, body, breath, the sweat and discharge (menses, lochia, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.)..
8 - () Aggravation: by taking cold or from cold damp motion; sitting up in bed. Better: heat, by pressure, by changing position, turning around, stretching, walking.
9 Weakness, worse tomorrow, if you try to walk falters.
10 - () Dizziness when standing up in bed. Intense throbbing of the temporal arteries and of the head. Throbbing headache or terrible explosion, relieved by the pressure of a tight bandage, with great anxiety, epistaxis, etc.. Sense of helmet on his head. He shakes his head in the pillow from one side to another. Cold sweat on his forehead.
11 Aching in the left eye, worse looking up or out. Protruding eyes.
Listen or bell 12. Cold ears, or red. Throbbing pain in the mastoid as worse on the right.
13 Epistaxis ringing wakes has epistaxis, and so is he. Sneezing every time you hand out from under the covers, and at night. Obstruction casal alternately. Cold nose. Range of motion in the nostrils.
14 Face burning, yellow, pale, and sunk and sunk in a cold sweat, greenish. Circumscribed blush on the cheeks.
15 - () Language: large, flabby, clean, smooth and polished, and varnished, shining like glass lit red, dry, cracked, with joint hard, white and brown back later, or yellowish brown with a stripe in the center , or yellowish gray, with very red edges and tip. Taste: sweet, terribly fetid pus, as if his mouth and throat full of pus and an abscess. Breath horrible, cadaverous.
16 Diphtheria with extreme stench.
17 - () No appetite. Great thirst (for the chills and fever) in small quantities at a time, but the least amount of liquid is thrown up quickly, better take very hot water. Belching acid water after breakfast. Nausea and vomiting. Vomiting: persistent, brown or coffee grounds; bilious; fetid stercoral; with intestinal obstruction. Vomits water when it warms in the stomach. Vomiting and diarrhea. The vomiting would improve it. Gastric fullness.
18 - () sensation of fullness and swelling in the belly. Gurgling or bubbling in the hypochondria when lying on left side. Umbilical pain, worse from drinking water, better removing flatus. Intense aching belly barely allowed to breathe or tolerate any pressure on the right side. Terrible sharp pain on the right side of the belly, qlue going to the back, worse from any movement or talking, coughing or breathing deeply, better bed side; complains every breath. Peritonitis.
19 - () Diarrhea horribly offensive, putrid, brown or black copious, watery, painless, sometimes with vomiting, involuntary flatus leaving.
Constipation: with complete rectal inertia, obstinate, with accumulation of dry stool at feverish processes, stool large, black, carrion-smelling and very hard to expel, first hard, then natural, streaked with blood, and painful year later ; or black scybalous motions, like olives.
20 Urine very scanty, yellow, turbid, with red sediment. He gets up at night to urinate. Urine albumin and cylinders; horribly offensive, smelling corpse. Urinary frequency with fever. Acute and chronic nephritis. Urinary intolerable.
21 The testicles hang relaxed, the scrotum looks and feels very thin.
22 - () Puerperal peritonitis, with extreme stench, rotting smell. Vulva swollen. Menses horribly offensive, carrion-smelling, or last a day, followed by bloody flux terribly fetid. Metrorrhagia of bright red blood with dark clots. Septicemia following abortion, with retention of the fetus or membranes, which decompose, stillbirth, black, with horribly offensive discharge, "is never right" from sepsis following an abortion or childbirth. Left ovarian abscess with acute throbbing pain. Lochia watery, acrid, brown, very fetid; suppressed by cold, with chills, fever and sweating copious and offensive.
23 Whistling exhale. Cough worse by movement, in a warm room and bed, better sitting up in bed with expectoration mucus yellowish or rusty, horribly offensive, with burning in larynx and bronchi, occipital and sacral pain. Pain in lungs and right shoulder, worse when coughing or talking. Neglected pneumonia with cough, night sweats and tachycardia. Painful purple spots on the chest. Tuberculosis.
24 - () chest pain in the left nipple. He is aware of his heart, he feels enlarged or full. Feels as if the heart pumped cold water.
Feel the pulse constant on the ears and head deprived of sleep. My heart is tired, exhausted, palpitations, cardiac asthenia with septic problems. Palpitation worse by movement. Beats very strong and audible to others. Pulse rapid, thready, from 140 to 170 per minute.
25 Beats pronounced in the vessels of the neck. Weakness in the back, stitch by coughing.
26 - () bone or muscle pain, better from motion. Pains in the legs, better walking or by heat of bed. Pain in thighs and legs during the chills, worse sitting. Cold extremities.
He slept the arms, hands and feet, stretching the entire body.
Automatic movements of the arm and right leg. Shoulder pain.
Dry eczema on the hands. Pain above the knees, the bones, as if it were broken, better walking or stretching his legs. Pain in the knee cap at bedtime, better flexing the leg. Edema of feet and legs.
27 can not sleep great flow of ideas. Cries that has a weight stayed on. Sueno to business.
28 - () "In all cases of fever that began with pains in the limbs" (Swan). Chills that start in the back between the shoulder blades, intense, widespread, bones and limbs, but at dusk, with chattering teeth, initiating the septic fever (see 4) with fever or rapid onset, and aversion to uncover. The chills do not improve in the warmth of the stove or the bed does not clear.
Fever with hot, dry skin, sometimes with the sensation of heat in the lungs, better breathing fresh air. Cold sweats all over his body, which does not improve, generally smell horribly offensive, carrion. Malaria latent, chronic.
29 Skin cold, and pale or ashen. Chronic varicose ulcers in elderly and very offensive.
Arsenicum Album.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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