Pyrus americana. Homeopathy

1 Think of who is clairvoyant, sees the character of others and sees within himself. Think it's able to leave his body at a distance, walk around and go back to it.
2 Feel like crying. Feeling sad, crying.
Discouraged, but can not mourn. He cries and feels childhood fears, fear that something terrible will aocurrir. Haragan, I would be lying in bed and I wait. Indolent, indifferent. You feel weak as if to die, complains and asks for help.
3 Sharp, intense whole body, every joint, the pains seem to follow tortuous paths, labyrinths.
4 Worse by cold (it is sensitive to cold and air), by movement (afraid to move, especially the joints).
5 feels as if full of cold water.
Desire and aversion of Pyrus AMERICAN
6 Desco hot tea.
7 Headache over eyes, sharp, worse on the left, extending to the right. Feels as if head would burst. Weight on vertex. Frontal headache; pervasive in the temples.
8 Ojos irritated, burning, as if she cried a lot.
9 Languages partially paralyzed.
10 Sensacion weak stomach or dry and wrinkled as if he could not digest anything. Feel your stomach full of cold water. Cold feeling in the stomach stretched upward.
11 sense of constriction in the belly, in need of loose clothing.
12 Sensation as if rectum was shrunken and dry.
13 Sense of prolapsed bladder. Irritation of the bladder and urethra.
14 Sensation of prolapse of the uterus: a feeling of bearing down, with pressure outward.
Hoarseness 15. Dry cough, as if the throat were full of cotton. You can not talk loud, almost inaudibly. Spasmodic breathing. Sensacion congested lungs, especially at the base, with constriction.
16 chest pain, for a great pity. Chest tightness, as if his heart had stopped, feeling as if the blood was too thick to circulate.
Malaise 17 below] right shoulder blade. Pains in arms, legs and toes. All joints feel sore and tight. Pains in the joints of the fingers. Drawing pain in the back of the thighs to the toes, worse on the left.
Tight feeling in the patella. Tremendous feeling of swelling and pain in the knees and toes. Burning in the toes. Pain in the knees and then in tendons and calves. Intolerable pain in the bones of the toes. Sweaty hands.
18 chills down the back and legs, worse in open air.
Very cold with shivering inmates. Intense heat throughout the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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