Radium bromatum. Homeopathy

(Bromide Radio)

1 - () Fear of being alone and the darkness, a great desire to have someone around or be with people. Apprehensive.

2 Irritable, crossed, are easily offended.

Stunning 3 can not think clearly. Depressed.

4 - () Sharp pains throughout the body, with great concern, needs to move continuously, better outdoors. Dolores sudden, like lightning or electric shocks or very sharp needles.

5 - () Worse: at night, by warmth of bed, to shave or wash, to smoke, at 3, at 4, at 7, at 11, at noon. Better: open air, lying, after sleep, by pressure, by hot baths, for the movement continued.

6 - () Anemia; neutrophilia. Hypotension. Arteriosclerosis. Great weakness, fatigue, exhaustion. Intense thinning.

Desire and aversion OF RADIUM BROMATUM
7 - () Aversion to sweets, ice-cream, meat, bacon.

8 - () Vertigo after rising, with a tendency to fall toward the left, better in bed, outdoors and after eating, with nausea and epigastric empty. Or frontal headache over the eyes, extending to occiput, worse by cold and pressure, better by heat and outdoors. Heaviness and occipital pain that goes over the right eye, throbbing, worse on motion, warm air, lying down, better sitting with head back, cold air and pressure in the forehead. Occipital headache dull, better by pressure and outdoors. Cephalic fullness.

9 - (), red eyes, burning, as if sand. Sore eyes, left worse. Eyelids heavy, mind you keep them open, the edges are swollen, hot and painful. Secretion of the right eye that runs up the nose and a yellow crust. Photophobia. Right eye pain, worse on reading and artificial light, the better closing the eye with foreign body sensation, better outdoors. Gonorrhea of the right eye. When reading the letters dance and blur.

Acute 10 stitches on the right ear, and in the same ear, with throbbing.
Hear the sound of running water.

11 catarrh or runny nose with green mucus, scabs hard.
Epistaxis. Burning, itching and dryness in the nasal passages. Nevus on the tip of the nose.

12 - () Cara snatched. Diffuse erythema of the face and forehead. Granites in the 'rent, which ooze. Papulas recurring on the left cheek. Irritated facial skin, thickened, cracked, oozing moisture, worse by washing, shaving and at night from warmth of bed; better: by scratching and washing with hot water. Small nevus on the chin, which become black, flaking off and disappear by the action of the drug. Intense neuralgia of the lower branches of the trigeminal, with lightning suddenness that makes it scream. Severe pain in right jaw angle. Acne.
Shaking and burning lips.

13 Dry mouth, worse morning, hot breath, dry mouth, better for cold water. Sore tongue on the right side, white, bluish white, with bloating and difficulty speaking. Metallic taste, bitter, sour or oily. Gum abscess.

14 teeth painful; feel elongated.

15 Dry throat, with pain that goes to the ear, and cough. Heat in the esophagus.
Stitches in throat when swallowing. Foreign body sensation and constriction.
Pain in the right side of my throat like raw. Pepper sensation in the throat.

Anorexia 16. Intense hunger to satiety. Vacuum intense heat in the stomach, better eating. Nausea, but can not vomit, worse walking.
Digestion slow. Gastralgias that improve belching.

17 - () distention of the belly. Navel inflamed. Pain over the pubis. Appendicular and recurrent acute pain. Pain or cramps in the stomach, better bending double and after bowel movements. Cutting pains in the intestines after waking, with great tenderness. Red spots on the sides of the abdomen, with itching. Pain in the English after being seated, to start moving.

18 Constipation sometimes ancient feces dry, hard, small or dark brown, large and fetid, with difictiltad passing them. Alternating constipation and diarrhea. Abundant flatus. Diarrhea with soft yellow stools, or dark and watery, gushing, hot, hot. Sensation of dryness in the rectum. Perianal eczema.

Polyuria 19. You have to wait a while before starting to urinate. Brick-dust sediment. Abuminuria, granular and hyaline casts. Enuresis.

20 Psoriasis of the penis eczema. Diminished or absent sexual desire, increased. Nocturnal emissions. Pain in left spermatic cord to walk. Itching and burning in glans.

Delayed Menses 21, with bearing down pains in the back, very heavy and dark red at night. White discharge and low; cheesy.
Urethral caruncle. Vulvar itching, especially senile. Sore right breast, best massages.

Tickling 22 laryngeal and suprasternal, with incessant coughing, better outdoors, worse lying down. Dry, spasmodic cough, worse or smoking inside, outside or eating better. Sensation of dust in the larynx and bronchi, coughing better. Frothy sputum. Chest feels tight, as if he could take a deep breath, constriction. Sharp pain in the left chest that comes and goes. Pain to the right of the sternum, worse at the end of expiration.

23 acute precordial pain better after walking. Chest constriction with anxiety and desire open air, which makes it better. Palpitations upon waking.

24 - () Swelling and itching in the neck. Sharp pains and tightness in the sternocleidomastoid. Pain in the cervical vertebrae, in the sixth and seventh on waking, better by motion. Pain under left shoulder blade, worse move, better to get up, extended to the front of the body, taking her breath. Lumbar and sacral pain, worse going upstairs, better by hot baths, by exercise or by pressure. Sacral pain with flatus, better bowel movement. Swelling over the sacrum, better lying on something hard.

25 - () pains in the limbs and whole body at night, waking with the pain at 4, and can not have members still; better for a hot bath or continuous motion, worse on beginning to move. Pain in all joints, especially knees and ankles. Pain in the right shoulder, worse from motion, better from heat; in left, better from exercise. Pain in the right upper limb, the better to exercise and heat. Cracking in the joint of the right shoulder when lifting the arm. Rigid right elbow after write. Cold hands. Ulcer on hand. Blisters on the fingers, around nails. Pustules on the back of his right hand. Sharp pains or deaf in his right hand and distal phalanges of the fingers, rubbing and better by continued exercise. Hip pain (worse on the head of the femur), but on the right, worse sitting, better to start moving and after walking. Pain in knees, but the right, worse from motion, better by continued motion, cold and exercise.
Popliteal pain, in the front of the legs, worse by walking or rubbing. They sleep legs to cross them. Pain as if beaten in the calves. Pain in ankles and feet when sitting up, almost unable to stand or walk. The Achilles tendon is painful to climb stairs.
Numbness of the toes, pain in left, worse when moving, better by continued motion. Calluses of the feet very sensitive, you can remove calluses. Bromhidrosis feet.

26 Sueno irresistible lethargy. Tired and sleepy all day. You wake up tired even sleep well. Restless all night, squirms on the bed. Sounds that urine, with fire, suicide, busy, active.

27 feeling cold and chills, with chattering teeth until noon, sometimes during menstruation. Internal chilliness followed by heat without sweating. Heat in the whole body is uncovered.

28 - () Psoriasis. Eczema. Nevus. Itching all over at night, sometimes with burning. Papulas. Corns. Acne. Eczematous dermatitis, followed by ulceration and necrosis (by exposure); epitheliomas. Warts. Ulcers clumsy.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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