Rajania subsamarata. Homeopathy

Rajania subsamarata
(Amplypterigium Adstringes)
Pathogenesis made by MMDe Legarreta, in Mexico in 1894.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Rajania subsamarata
1 - () Indifferent to everything that happens around, dazed, stunned, staring, or close your eyes. If they question him, takes long time to return itself, shakes and falls back to its inertia, or insulting, or obscene or sing religious songs, according to his education and moral. This table is especially febrile processes.
2 - () Loss of sense of identity.
3 grumbling or murmuring in his delirium, cries and sighs, and speaks incoherently. Visits of excitement, anger and lust.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Rajania subsamarata
4 - () prostration with muscles relaxed, slides and collapses into bed, without the strength to speak, with jaw hanging.
5 Worst: motion; to talk. Mlejor: the fresh-for downloads.
SPECIFIC Rajania subsamarata
6 - () Severe headache, as if driving a nail. Persistent headache ACCOMPANIED of anguished cries.
7 - () look confused, his eyes bloodshot, first bright, then dull, as covered by a rubber film or tears, which are hot and corrosive.
Pupils contracted, insensitive. Eyelids heavy, taut wads eyelashes with each other.
8 - () Sensation of plugged ear, and filled with earth, sometimes catarrhal secretion. Sensitive high-pitched sounds. Hear distant sounds, like a distant rain. Buzzing, followed by deafness.
9 Nose dry. Mild epistaxis, which makes it better, or intense that it exhausts. Hairs inside the nose hard.
10 - () Cara stunned; Hippocratic, cadaverous, earthy, dirty, wet. Mouth open, jaw hanging. Sometimes mild trismus. Swollen lips.
11 - () Fissured tongue, cleft, parted in the middle and dark red edges and excoriated. Canker sores that bleed and sometimes on the tip of the tongue. Saliva thick, dark, like a chewer of snuff. Aetido breath, putrid, disgusting. Stained teeth or packaged, with deposits yellowish, then brown, which re-form, despite brushing.
12 - () Dry throat, needing to swallow liquid. Cold food down better than hot. neck and parotid swelling. Paresis of the esophagus with dysphagia.
13 Hiccups, nausea, vomiting.
14 - () Rumbling, flatulence. Gurgling in the right iliac fossa, with pain at the point of Mac Burney. Hypogastric pain, especially when speaking.
Abdomen very withdrawn, sunk, when the patient is worse.
15 - () Diarrhea with mucopurulent stools, streaked with blood and very offensive.
Constipation followed by diarrhea.
16 Penis and scrotum loose, lax, with sweat foul smelling rancid cheese.
17 - () The periods to improve. Menses blackish, irritating smell nasty, bitter. Copious, sticky, causing vaginal insensitivity. Labia excoriated.
18 Breathing weak or imperceptible anguished panting.
19 - () Irregular heartbeat, lying down, hear the heart beating as if he were on the pillow. Palpitations and chest pain blurred. Hypotension. Thready, weak. Moderate tachycardia.
20 - () Members trembling and weak, with convulsions. Cold extremities, and cyanotic. Continuous, and involuntary movements of hands, as if to catch particles in the air.
21 - () High fever, from 39.5 or 40th or 41st and, with great exhaustion and other symptoms (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 19 and 20). Eruptive diseases, infectious septicemia. Clammy sweat.
22 - () skin rough, earthy color, with petechiae in the chest, belly and inside of the arms. Badges gangrenous bedsores.
Abscesses; grains. Anthrax painful. Gangrenous ulcer with foul-smelling discharge and streaked with blood.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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