Ranunculus sceleratus. Homeopathy

Ranunculus sceleratus
MENTAL SINTOAMS Ranunculus sceleratus
1 Indolence and aversion to mental work in the morning. Sadness and melancholy at nightfall.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ranunculus sceleratus
2 - () Alcoholism with liver disorders, with geographic tongue and feeling of impending diarrhea.
3 - () Worse, from touch and pressure, by motion, for deep breathing, walking, hanging down the limb, the evening before and morning pedianoche; the open air after dinner. Right side.
Periodic conditions.
4 - () Burning, burning and rawness in the mucous mouth, throat, stomach, urethra, and so on. Gnawing, pressing, drawing, cutting, that appear or worsen at night.
5 It is faint with the pain. Convulsive.
SPECIFIC Ranunculus sceleratus
6 Vertigo with loss of consciousness. Headache as if the head were pressed in a vise. Dull pressure in a very small of the crown or temples. Pressure inwards and outwards to the temples. Heaviness and fullness in the head with a sensation of swelling and enlargement. Burning and itching of the scalp.
7 Pain in the eye when moved, in angles, with burning. Tearing.
8 Otalgia right with pressure in the head and drawing in the teeth. Pains in the outer ear canal.
9 Burning and tingling in the nose, nibbling at the tip. Frequent sneezing. Downloads serum. Ulcers on the right side of the nose.
Fluent coryza with burning when urinating.
10 - () You feel your face as if covered with cobwebs. Drawing in the face, with sensation of cold. Spasmodic twitching in facial muscles and limbs. Sardonic laugh. Trembling in the lower lip and commissures.
11 Toothache or painful blows like jerks.
12 - () or mapped geographic tongue (is the main feature), or white. Sensation of tongue raw, burning, lips bruised and raw. Tongue swollen, with burning sensation and redness. Dry mouth. Foamy salivation. Cracks on the tongue tip pain. Gums swollen, red and painful, and bleed easily.
Sweetish taste of tomorrow.
13 Contraction in the throat, worse from eating bread, and suffocation. Sensation of burning and burning, or as if scraped.
Anorexia 14. Violent thirst during fever. Rancid acid regurgitation or evening, or to taste food, after eating. Nausea after midnight or the morning. Gastralgias violent, with faint or discomfort.
Feeling of fullness, pressure and tension in the epigastrium, worse from pressure and tomorrow. Gastralgias lancinating, constricting or excoriating, burning.
15 - () sensation of pressure as if a plug behind the navel or the false ribs, deep breathing worse. Dull or throbbing pain in the liver region, with the feeling that going to have diarrhea once the pain is worse when breathing deeply. Spleen pain, worse when breathing deeply. Cramping, sharp or stabbing in the abdomen on the walls shaking.
Itching and burning 16 anal anal moisture. Stitches in the rectum. Outward pressure sensation in the anus, worse walking. Great urgency to defecate after a meal, but only leave flatus. Diarrhea fetida.
17 Burning in front of the urethra after urination, or leave a few drops of urine that wet savannahs. Frequency. Tingling in the urethral meatus.
18 Drawing in the penis. Lancinating pain in the glans. Burning in the scrotum. Pollutions.
19 - () short dry cough. Dyspnea. Involuntary sighing. Pain in the chest as if he had been beaten, or pinching or painful blows in thorax and intercostal muscles, worse in evening and at night, stopped breathing. Painful sensitiveness of the chest wall, especially in the sternum. Gnawing retrosternal he stops breathing.
Burning pain behind the xiphoid cartilage. Painful drawing in the pectoral muscles. Pressure pain below the right ribs false, worse on inspiration. Puncture in the left nipple.
20 Pressure in the precordial region, such as a piece of wood, or punctures or stitches, with difficulty breathing. Pulse full and fast.
21 Low back pain as if beaten, or between the shoulder blades. Violent and sudden jerks in the lower back walking outdoors breath away.
22 - () Drop in fingers and toes. Pains of all sorts, especially in right arm and elbow, and terebrantes in the bones of hands and fingers.
Swollen fingers. Biting and terebrantes legs and feet, and fingers. Gnawing on the left heel. Burning burning in the back of his right foot. Sudden spike in the right big toe, which made him cry, and appear to make burning needles. Corns and burning pain, worse when the leg hangs.
23 Sleeplessness after midnight with anxiety and restlessness in bed.
Sounds with corpses, snakes, beetles, etc.. He wakes up at 3, and can not sleep.
24 Chills during meals. Heat in the evening, in the room, after walking outdoors. Fever at night, especially after midnight, with violent thirst. Morning sweats, especially front.
25 - () vesicles with tendency to form large blisters that, when opened, discharged a yellowish discharge, liquid and pungent, it hurts the surrounding skin, often causing ulcers. Pemphigus. Prurifo and tingling in various places, worse in the evening.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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