Raphanus (radish black). Homeopathy

(Black Radish Raphanus sativus)
1 - () Nymphomania with aversion to her own sex, not tolerate, or to touch a woman, causes disappointment and anger, he just wants the company of men. Aversion to children, especially girls.
2 tearfulness involuntary melancholia alternating with hope.
Without spirit, you think she was dead. Great anguish, afraid to die, and thinks that death is so close, calling religious aid.
mania capricious. Hysterics, hysterical balloon (see 14).
3 - () Worse: at night, 3 to 4 hours since the morning when he awoke, by touch, by jerks, by eating or drinking. Sensitive to atmospheric electricity.
Better: open air walking, lying down (just can lie on your back).
4 Pain in the bones when touched, numbness in the parts about aching bones. Pain aggravated by drinking fluids.
Thinning 5.
Desire and aversion of Raphanus
I boiled milk 6.
7 Vertigo with cloudy vision. Feel the heavily bandaged head as the evening. Headache wakes from 3 to 4. Violent rush of blood to the head, at 11. Shock in the brain while writing. Headache and confusion on the forehead and vertex in the morning, followed by heat and then cold all over the skin. Violent frontal headache over eyes, dimming of vision better by vomiting. Occipital headache, better throwing his head back.
Sweats in the head after rising.
8 Ojeras blue. Deep-set eyes. Red eyes. Edema of lower eyelid. Hot on closing eyes; cold when opened. Itching with stitches in his left eye. Eyes full of blood, with vision loss.
Myopia. Blurred vision on waking.
9 earache. Itching in the left ear, painful to touch.
10 Nose pointed. Epistaxis of bright red blood, which relieves the headache.
Pain at the root of the nose, extending to occiput. Pressure as a weight on the back of the nose. Feel warm the air you breathe. You smell burning oil or a radish. Nasal obstruction. Frequent sneezing.
11 Face red shade, or yellow (but in the morning on rising), or pale, anxious and suffering, or with red cheeks and burning. Pain in right malar. Hard and swollen nodes in the lower jaw.
12 Toothache worse in pregnancy, in the evening and lying, better walking. Incisors loose. The teeth seem made of paper mach