Rathania. Homeopathy

(Krameria Triandria ludovicbaron Pumacuchu)

1 Apprehensive and depressed when alone, best in the company. Suddenly awakened at 2, with fear.

2 Irritable, peevish, quarrelsome. How to be changing.

3 Down: Lying, by straining at stool, by eating, when bending, and at night. Better: motion; removing flatus, warm applications, outdoors, for exercise.

4 Weakness and prostration, with anxiety and sweating throughout the body.

5 Dolores excoriating. Jerks.

6 - () Numbness in the head, as if intoxicated. Headache in the middle of the forehead, as if brain would fall out when you strain to defecate. Headache as if to blow his head is tilted forward while seated, or defecation or after. Headache as if he pressed his head with a winch. Congestion of the head with warmth and heaviness. Lrdor stitches in vertex or better outdoors and during menstruation. Feeling of having stretched the scalp. Frontal stiffness frown.
Itching of the scalp on the occiput, with lymphadenopathy.

7 - () Pain in the eyes, as compressed by a winch, and can not move them.
Burning eyes, worse in the evening. Membrane that extends into the center of the eye, with burning; pterygium. Sensation of a cuticle before the eyes.
Eyelids stuck at night, tearing morning. Twitching in the eyelids.
White spot in front of the eyes, which obstructs vision. Blurred vision of distant objects. Myopia.

8 Noises or ringing in the ears. Pruritus; horigueo in the right ear.
Earache tearing, stitches on the right.

9 Itching in the nose, in the end, better rub. Scaly and burning nostrils. Violent epistaxis. Dry nose, with sneezing. Dry coryza, with total nasal obstruction.

10 Heat in the face. Tearing violent face, mandible (most left) and malar. Sensation of cobweb on the right side of his mouth. Burning vesicles on the upper lip.

11 - () Terrible toothache during the first months of pregnancy, worse when lying down at night, which impel them to get out of bed and walk from one side to another, throbbing or tearing. Painful sensation of cold or lengthening of the teeth. Teeth they bleed.

12 Sale bleeding gums by chewing. Burning at the tip of the tongue.
Dry mouth at night. Foul breath. Tension and burning tongue. Foul taste of morning in bed.

13 Sore throat, worse empty swallowing. Painful spasmodic contraction of the throat, preventing him from talking out loud.

14 - () Anorexia; or constant desire to eat. Sed, but by nightfall.
Food regurgitation warmly. Violent hiccough, prolonged, causing acute gastralgias, worse after eating. Nausea, worse at night, retching and vomiting food, better outdoors. Vomiting, watery or blood-streaked mucus. Gastralgias ulcerative or sharp or constrictive.
Excessive gastric distension, stomach feels very full. Digestion slow, difficult. Heat and burning in the stomach, painful sensation burst; sudden.

15 points in both hypochondria. Cold in the umbilical region. Pinching in the stomach, with burning. Movements in the sides of the belly, as if something alive. Punctures in English, in morning on waking, better flatus; stitches afternoon after sitting. Bearing down in English, with discharge of mucus.

16 - () The rectum is the major center of action of Rathania. * Constipation with hard ECES who are expelled with great effort (or efforts are ineffective); with anal constriction, with protrusion of hemorrhoids with bowel movements, followed by burning pain (like fire), sharp or pointed edges or splinters or needles, which last until several hours later, as if rectum full of glass splinters, even sometimes with loose stools. Anal fissure (it's possibly the most important and medicine indicated) with excruciating pain while and after bowel movements, especially if the stools are hard (they do mourn or cry) stabbing, lingering for hours (see above) , with a sensation of anal constriction above, flared following defecation and anal sensation of heat, the pains are much worse when sitting, and improve somewhat with cold water or warm sitz bath. Humidity anal.
Diarrhea yellowish or bloody fetida. Intense anal itching. Intestinal Parasites. Bleeds from the anus, with or without defecation.

17 Wish frequent and urgent urination, weak urine. Micturition copious pale urine. Urethral burning during urination.

18 Burning in the root of the penis when urinating. Itching of the scrotum.

19 - (), bloody mucous discharge. Menses too early, heavy and prolonged, with pains and lower back. Metrorrhagia. Abortion.
Menses suppressed, with swollen belly and breasts, simulating a pregnancy of several months, with heavy flow. Delayed menses.
Painful nipple cracks in lactating women, sensitive to touch.

20 Violent pressure in the chest as from a stone, with dyspnea on least exertion. Dry cough from tickling laryngeal, with ulcerative pain in the chest during and after. Ficult mucous expectoration. Stitch cutting in the sternum, climbing stairs, his breath. Violent stitches in the ribs, which make it scream. Painful constriction in the sides of the thorax. Congestion and heat in the chest, with impaired respiration.

21 Points precordial.

22 Tension and drawing in the entire column. Stiffness in the neck when turning his head, tearing pains. Low back pain as if he had been beaten, and throughout the spine and hips to get out tomorrow, better by motion.
Contraction of the flexors 23. Desgairrantes pains in the limbs.
Pain in right elbow crease, the flex, the better to extend it.
Stitches on the thumbs. Burning thighs. Shocks in thighs, calves and feet. Pain as of dislocation in the big toe while sitting, better when moving, burning tearing. Voluptuous itching or tingling in soles and heels.

Sleepiness after eating 24. Violent yawning. He wakes up often and for long periods. He wakes up startled, trembling, restlessness and fear.
Ronca. Sounds of battles, fights, sick, funerals, death of friends, earthquakes.

25 Prevalence of chills and thrills, worse at night, 20 to 21 hours, even in a warm room. Night sweats.

26 Granites itching and burning after scratching. Itching on the neck, between the shoulder blades, scrotum, in front of thighs, in the popliteal fossa, and so on.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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