Rauwolfia serpentina. Homeopathy

Rauwolfia serpentina
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rauwolfia serpentina

1 - () Depression marked with apathy, not interested in anything or take much interest in something. This too tired to be sociable and feel better alone. All means for the effort and avoids it, slow in acts and words, has trouble making decisions and needs to be addressed. There is a lack of desire to work. The depression can be accompanied by anxiety or suicidal tendencies and ideas. Things seem unreal; sleepy during the day. This desperately tired. Alternatives to physical and mental fatigue states of arousal with passionate enthusiasm. Depression improved by strenuous exercise.

2 - () Mentally lazy, tardy, difficulty concentrating. Forgetful.
Wrong use of words when reading or writing. Forget where you put things or what he did. Obtuse senses; stunned.

3 Hallucinations: believed to be followed, that someone entered his house, which is a hanging in the barn.

4 Irritable, abrupt, rude to people.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Rauwolfia serpentina
5 - () Worse: heat one room or if closed (with feeling of suffocation); by fire by the hot weather and humidity, the hot bath, while eating or after eating, from 18 to 20 waking hours.
Best: from cold, cool open air, for strenuous exercise, from 15 to 22 hours, therefore the emission of gas or stool, for prolonged movements; by strong pressure.

Desire and aversion of Rauwolfia serpentina
6 Desire for sweets and condiments. Aversion to sugar in the tea.

SPECIFIC Rauwolfia serpentina
7 - () frontal headache extending to vertex and occiput, as if head would burst, worse hair, better outdoors. Weight or pressure on the vertex, worse when coughing. Feels as if head were floating when you walk. Tingling. Constricted feeling in the scalp, the better for local and general cool. As stabbing pains in the right temple, extending to the left, worse on waking in the left temple, or extended to occiput. Painful pressure on the eyes as a circular band, or a tight bandage on his forehead.

8 - () Cutting pains in the eyes on waking, but in the right, better for the local cold. Vision blurred. Edges of the eyelids swollen, aching, burning, needlestick. Eyelids heavy. Tired eyes, sore, worse moving from side to side. Itching and pain in the corners, the worse for reading and the wind cold.

9 Right ear red, hot, burning, worse at 17 hours, or two ears burning. Acute left otalgia. Feeling of resonance in the ears.

10 - () Stuffy nose, dry or flowing, with obstruction by periods, and alternatively, with sneezing. Although it may sound, nothing comes out, but continues its obstruction, sometimes painful, weekly, wind and worse when bending over or in a closed room, better outdoors. Sticky secretion. Epistaxis, with ulcers on the septum.

11 - () Lips dry, irritated, emaciated, cracked: lower lip cracked in the middle. Dryness around the mouth. Face hot and dry.
Hot flashes with sweating, worse from 18 to 20 hours. Right half of the face red and hot (with the right ear).

12 - () or nauseous metallic taste rotten. Gums painful and throbbing, worse at 16 hours. Tongue dry, worse at night, which sticks to the palate with dental impressions on the edges. Throbbing toothache, worse from hot drinks or food. Pain in the soft palate.

13 - () Throat dry, hot (worse at night), swollen, painful, worse on waking, before lunch and sing, better for sweets and drinking cold water. Vibration of the carotids, most left, with violent beating visible to others.

14 - () Hunger soon to eat, eat between meals. Hunger pain, worse at 18.30. Thirst for cold water, especially at sunset. Bloated stomach after a few mouthfuls. Nausea while eating. Eructations taste to food, 2 hours after eating. Gastralgias as punches, better eating, epigastric pain one to two hours after eating, better bending forward. Epigastric pain point in waking, better rising.

15 - () Belly swollen, distended. Navel bloated, feeling of fullness. Abdominal muscle pain, worse during stool. Pains in the left iliac fossa or both, and in English, and cramps. Umbilical colic, worse from 19 to 20 hours, coughing, stretch and defecate, with sensation of heat, pressure and vacuum. Stomach pains that go from right to left, waves that come and go. Sore spot one or two hours after eating, better sitting, eating and hot drinks. Violent abdominal cramps immediately after eating, with flatus. The abdominal symptoms are relieved by moving the bowels and lying on.

16 - () Desires urgent and frequent, sometimes ineffective or painful, moving with great effort (sometimes with left upper quadrant pain). Flatus.
Diarrhea him out of bed in the morning. The stool is first hard,
soft and then, finally, liquid. Sense of incontinence of feces. Black and fetid diarrhea. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Anal fissure.

17 - () Burning at the urethral meatus or after urination. At the end of urination, leaking a little urine. Difficulty in urinating, straining. Urine copious and very pale, frequent urination, over 5 to 9 or 15 to 17 hours.
Reddish brown urine.

18 - () Evident decrease of sexual desire in men, sometimes transitory phases of excitement. Pain in left spermatic cord. Burning in the penis.

19 Menses too early, with cramp-like pains.

20 - () Cough from cold air. Dyspnea, with need to breathe deeply. Tension pain in the chest. Chest closed in the afternoon. Chest wall pain worse efforts. Sharp pain in left nipple to laugh. Stitches in the lower right of the chest, alternating from side, worse while singing. Cramping pains behind the lower sternum or nipples that come and slowly decrease, worse efforts. Chest pain right below the breast or by efforts.

21 - () You feel the heartbeat to in my throat. Cardiac asthma.
Palpitation efforts, intense and feels even in the teeth, occiput and temples, in the highlands of the fingers. Strain precordial pain, with sensation of constriction as a punch from the sternum to the back, which appears and disappears suddenly, with suffocation.
Palpitation with an irregular heartbeat when lying, standing and walking better. Transient elevation of blood pressure followed by hypotension.

22 - () aches and stiffness in the back, aggravated by rest and the first movement, changing position better. Back pain, with stiffness on awakening and the first movement or sitting, better moving, walking and strong pressure, stiffness iliac sacrum. Heaviness, especially the left iliac sacrum. Sharp, lancinating, jerky, especially in the right iliac sacro. Pains in the iliac crest. Back pain extended to the popliteal deaf. Pain under the shoulder blades and under the last ribs. Standing back pain or 18 to 19 hours, better by pressure, such as knives or needles, as if he had been beaten.

23 - () Pain in left hip after being much sitting or cross-legged, or standing and long time standing on one leg. Stiffness in the knees, worse on the left, and climbing or descending stairs. Pain in the popliteal fossa, but the right, worse walking, sitting, motion and pressure, and better in extension and by rest and warmth. Calf pain worse with standing and moving; stiffness on waking; cramps worse in the evening, tension walking; fatigue. Ankles: hot, itchy, swollen at night, worse from heat, pain in the veins. Soles painful, hot and burning. Right foot cold evening; cramps in the feet, sensation of needles, pins and tingling in the toes and big toe, gout type. Pains in the left armpit and shoulder, worse turning the head. Pain in the deltoid. Heaviness in the shoulders, cutting pains, worse on movement, shoulders and arms to the elbow. Sticking pains in the wrists, sudden, worse at night. The joints of the hands are red, hot, hot, and the rest cold.
Pain in the thumb, stiffness, heat and throbbing in the little finger, the right red and hot. Cold in the fingertips. Heavy legs, black and blue. Ankle edema.

24 Very sleepy, but can not sleep. Restless sleep; is uncovered. Sounds:
to travel, they're going to kill, that are strangling the mother, who breaks his teeth, which burst their tonsils, which has broken nandibula, which dvispas bite.

Very dry skin 25. Dry skin. Cracks in the heel. Hands like dusted with talc. Sticky and fetid sweat in the armpits, hands and feet.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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