Recipes: Beans

Green beans are placed in a pan with a dash of olive green beans, grated ripe tomatoes, minced garlic, bay leaves and salt to a simmer and stir will. When you are done adding a curdled or beaten egg and leave it a little more time. Al gets the oil is withdrawn. Salad green beans are cooked and the beans and tomatoes are added in pieces, sliced onions and hard boiled egg. Season with salt and oil. Pinto beans germinated (see as germinate). Boil the beans with water and two or three large onions, whole, two or three cloves. When the beans are made and taken out the onion, ground with a few drops of Tabasco or a pinch of cayenne and oil. Re-add all this to the beans. Green Beans: Rich in manganese and nitrogen. Cooked by steaming. Make juice with them. Good mineralizing the body.

*Automatic Translation