Recipes: Lentils, Chickpeas

Lentils with onions
It germinate (see as germinate). Boil the lentils with water, two or three large whole onion and carrot sticks. When they are made are removed and ground onions with oil. Is added back to the lentils.

Lentils with vegetables

As in the previous recipe just that by adding carrots, leeks, pumpkins, etc..

Chickpea stew

It germinate (see as germinate). Boil the chickpeas with water two or three large whole onion, one green pepper, bay leaves and, if available, a dry red pepper. When the beans are almost made you add chopped spinach, chopped leek, a whole ripe tomato, a whole head of garlic, chopped squash and two pieces without grinding, etc.. Once the beans are passed through the masher onions, garlic, tomatoes, red and green peppers and chunks of squash. Remove from the heat and add oil.

: Rich in phosphorus and potassium.
Serve with salad vegetables. Soaking, sprouts and cook until soft.
Strengthen muscles. In pure form are good for stomach ulcers and colitis.

Chickpea: Rich in magnesium and phosphorus.
Eat it like protein. Eat it like pulses. Soak before and germinelo.
Good source of vegetable protein.

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