Recipes: Soups of vegetables. Avena

Raw vegetable soup
Wash the vegetables as in salad. Grated or crushed and aligned as in vegetable broth with ground oil with garlic and parsley, as appropriate. Are deposited and aligned raw vegetables in an earthenware dish or pot of steaming glass or stainless steel. Vegetable broth is added to old ones. Pour the boiling broth just on raw vegetables and seasoned stirring. It then cover and let stand off the heat 15 min. Ready to take retaining all its vitamins.

Vegetable soup
It puts everything in crude: celery, leek, turnip, parsley, chard, carrot, tomato, onion, etc.. (If you want, before removing from the fire an egg can curdle. This copious chopped into pieces in the soup) When retired fire vegetables, because they are ready, they add oil. More information at: Vegetable soup. Your benefits

Garlic soup

First you fry in oil a pinch of onion, garlic, red and green peppers, tomatoes and salt, all finely chopped. When this water is added. When boiling a little, added wheat bread cubes or slices and egg, and let boil for another egg curdling. When you remove gets the oil.

Note: It is the ideal combination, so we should not abuse this soup in cases of illness.

Soup flakes
They can be of oats, barley, rice, wheat and so on. Proceed as in the case of raw vegetable soup flakes mixing with raw grated or shredded raw vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots, etc.. And aligned in crude oil, parsley, little salt, as the case . Flakes are deposited to the ground and seasoned vegetable oil in a pan that retains heat well and add the vegetable broth and boiling above. Leave to stand outside the fire well covered 20 min. Now ready to take.
In cases of small children or sick delicate flakes are toasted first browned in the pan without oil and then ground with the coffee grinder.

Oats: Rich in silicon, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium.

It should be eaten with vegetables or salads. It should be well cooked. Remogela before use.

Excellent food for children, especially when they lack silicon. Good source of this. It deinflamante.

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