Recipes: Soybean

Vegetable soybean
Cut carrots and sliced onions. Also celery and cabbage is cut into pieces. In a saucepan, throw the vegetables with a dash of oil and stir well and sauté. Then add a cup of broth or water and cooking is about ten minutes over low heat. He added a half teaspoon or less of yeast extract and soy sauce itself. Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with a little warm water and add to vegetables, cooking another five minutes. At the end of shoots or sprouts are added soy and cook one minute. When you remove gets the oil. Can be served with boiled rice.

Soy onion
It puts a lot of chopped onion and also a whole cut in half, diced carrot, a whole head of garlic and bay leaves everything raw. When you take an entire cooking time is added to previously soaked soybeans overnight. It takes time to do like lentils. When done is taken the whole onion and the garlic head and passed by the masher. Salt is added, there is a boil, remove and add the oil.

Vegetable soybeans

It throws all sorts of chopped veggies, it takes a large onion cut in half, a big piece of pumpkin, bay leaf, pepper, tomato and whole head of garlic. After a while he throws boiling soybeans, salt is thrown. When it is passed by the masher onion, pumpkin, whole peppers, tomatoes and garlic. It gives a boil, remove and add the oil.

*Automatic Translation