Recipes: vegetable broth, onion soup

Vegetable broth
It simmered for 20 to 25 min. green leaves that are rarely eaten raw such as those that are discarded lettuce, celery, radish, spinach, tomatoes bark, leaves of carrots, beets, etc. .. Only cook with a little sea salt, the same as in salads. After the vegetables are removed or strain the broth and season the broth with a raw ground eg oil, garlic, parsley, yeast, algae powder, etc.. according to individual taste. It takes only the broth, without the cooked vegetables. In this soup you can add other fresh vegetables ground, or starchy foods by type of soups that want to prepare.

Broth with onion
Is boiled onions, celery, leek, etc. When it is removed everything except onions. Then grind the onions and add shredded carrots and zucchini lot. Cover and leave for fifteen minutes.

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