Reflexology: Foot, Palmar, Dental

Foot Reflexology
In the same way as auricular acupuncture, the feet reflect the body's organs. The manipulation of the points on the feet healthy with massage and pressure allowed to influence positively in the affected organs. The foot reflexology is closely related to alterations of the spine.

Reflexology palmar

Same as above except that is the hand that reflects the organic state. However, the hand has a lot of nerve endings that connect to the brain. So, if column-level foot reflexology is very useful, if we treat other problems reflexology palmar organic is best.

Self-massage with a small round object like an eraser or a marble, on pain points will be effective. To treat another person what is best to use our own hands.

Reflexology dental
Interdependence has been found between certain diseases and dental infectious foci. So the teeth are not affecting the organs causing illness, but the teeth are mere detection of pathological changes, facilitating the provocation of dental infectious foci an outlet for the crisis we suffer.

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