Reflexology: Iridology, Acupuncture, Ear

Reflexology: Iridology, Acupuncture, Ear

Reflexology is closely related to the study of our nervous system. This prodigious system allows us to understand all the changes both externally and internally our body experiences. So any inner feeling or captured by visceroceptores itself entails a corresponding response mechanism that is manifest in our external appearance, either through abnormalities or standards, through mental attitudes, changes in rhythm or vibration in our movements, appearance of the type or anatomy, reflexology palmar, pedis, headset, iridology, fisognomía, graphology, etc..

Iridology is the science which aims to study the irises to discover in it the characteristics of a person.

This technique reveals reflex pathological and functional disorders in the iris through abnormal points and lines and discolorations of the iris of the eye.

This is possible thanks to full capacity, perception and response that has any living organism due to the different types of receptors in the human body that are capable of transmitting nerve impulses, with the corresponding information for the central nervous system.

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Acupuncture and acupressure
Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine, in which the circulating blood and energy through vertical channels are called "meridians." Knowledge of the 14 meridians and treatment of acupuncture points for needling is the basis for the release of these energy channels and restore health.

In acupressure by pressing both sides of each vertebra simultaneously one by one according to the treatment you want to implement given the symptoms. These pressures made the thumbs re taking into account the patient's breathing. When a person expires is pressed when you press left inspired.

In the ear accurately reflect all the different organs of the body so that with appropriate manipulation of the acupuncture points organizational health is restored. The ear has a particular anatomical shape that is similar to an inverted fetus. The organs are reflected in the ear in the fetal position

The pressure on acupuncture points are made with a punch that does no harm in rotation without scraping the skin must move.

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