Reflexology: Kirliamgrafia and Chakras; Tipologia, Bioenergetics, Grafologia

Kirliamgrafía and Chakras
The Kirliamgrafía is the use of photography Kirliam camera is used, especially in Eastern Europe to detect possible weaknesses energy of human aura, and with them diagnose any abnormalities in the organs that correspond to the areas affected by the deformation aural.

It's called chakras to each of the plexuses or energy centers lard or spread of the spine that are associated with the body. The 7 chakras that are recognized are linked to their corresponding glands and the governing body area.

The typology of the individual allows us to understand what type of predominant organ in a subject. We recognize three main types: mental type, type of movement and type of nutrition. In the first development of the brain predominates in the latter predominate own organs of motion, and the nutrition predominates digestive organ development. All this will be noted in the observation of the features of the head of people. These types are mixed together.


Bioenergetic exercises help to dispose of the body's inner life and help the expansion of that life for the world. They are designed to help the individual to contact the tensions that inhibit your body's life.

A major exercise is the arc bioenergy. This exercise helps us to make a diagnosis of the patient. As the person then will we understand its nature (oral, rigid, schizoid).


The handwriting is the science that attempts to come to the knowledge of the individual through observation of his writing executed by hand. So with the correct intended graphotherapy both mental and physical diseases by correcting the wrong way to write.

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